Before & After

Ohio Basement Systems Before & After Photos

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PolyRenewal in North Ridgeville, OH

This home owner's concrete walkway sank, so he called Ohio Basement Systems to raise it back to where it should be. 

PolyRenewal Concrete Lifting in Madison, Oh

This homeowner's step, as well as his walkway to the front of the house, was sinking on the left side. Our team used our PolyRenewal System to level the step and walkway back to their original places.

Intellibraces in Cuyahoga Falls OH

This homeowner had a wall that was bowing to the point it started cracking. We added our Intellibraces to help strengthen the wall and keep it from bowing any more. We also added our LumaBright to help brighten the room up as well as make the basement more inviting.

PolyRenewal Painesville OH

We used our PolyRenewal system to even out this homeowner's walkway.

PolyRenewal Jefferson OH

We used our PolyRenewal system to re-level this home owner's walkway. It was pulling away from the house, it is now back to its original position.

Total Before & After Sets: 121