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Ohio Basement Systems Before & After Photos

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Crack Repair in Avon, OH

This homeowner had a couple cracks in her basement. These cracks had just started forming, so we used our crack repair system to seal the crack and stop it from getting worse.

PolyRenewal Injection to Fix a Medina, OH Driveway

This homeowner's driveway had sunk, making a rough transition into the garage. We injected our PolyRenewal foam into the driveway and brought it back up to level. Now there are no more bumps to get into the garage!

Milan, OH Patio is Raised with PolyRenewal

This homeowner's patio started to sink and pull away from the house. We used our PolyRenewal injection to bring it back up and flush with the house.

Concrete Lifting for a Medina, OH Driveway

We used our PolyRenewal system to raise this homeowner's driveway that had sunk. The PolyRenewal uses a Polyurethane foam to bring the concrete back up without the mess of traditional mud jacking.

Driveway Lifiting in Solon, OH with PolyRenewal

This homeowner's driveway started sinking. They called us for a Free Estimate. We injected our PolyRenewal into the concrete to bring the driveway back up to the proper level. Now there is a smooth drive to park their vehicle.
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