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Ohio Basement Systems Before & After Photos

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Lifted a Concrete Driveway in Mentor, OH

We used our PolyRenewal system to raise this driveway back up so that there was no longer a bump while getting into the garage.

Concrete Lifting in Mentor, OH

We used our PolyRenewal system to raise this driveway back to its former glory. Now there are no more bumps and cracks in the concrete.

Concrete Lifting in Parma, OH

Our customer had a large slab in the concrete driveway that was starting to sink. After our crew installed our PolyRenewal Solution the homeowner was pleased to see the area was completely level again. They now have no problem pulling into the garage or plowing the driveway.

PolyRenewal Injection Fixed Driveway in Concord Twp., OH

This driveway had sunk about 2 1/2-3" where it meets the corner of the garage and was starting to separate. After using our PolyRenewal Technology, you can see that the driveway slab was moved back into it's original position and is no longer separating from the garage foundation.

CrawlSeal Install in Thompson, OH

This customer had two separate crawlspaces that were very dirty, smelly, and leaked quite frequently. Our team installed our BasementGutter Drainage System and the CrawlSeal Encapsulation System to protect both areas of concern from water infiltration and mold growth. Now both crawlspaces are clean and accessible for any maintenance or upkeep on the home.
Total Before & After Sets: 121