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Ohio Basement Systems Before & After Photos

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Walkway Leveling in Parma Heights, OH

We used our PolyRenewal Injection System to raise this homeowner's walkway back up so that there is no drastic drop when they walk out of the house.

IntelliJacks Supporting a Crawlspace in Canton, OH

This homeowner was experiencing sagging floors above their crawlspace. After contacting us and having our experts come to their home, our team determined that our IntelliJacks were the best fit to fix this problem. The IntelliJacks support the weight of the house in that area, prevent the floor from sagging, and can be tightened over time as well. 

WallAnchors and BasementGutter Drainage System Fix Kent, OH Basement

Our experts discovered that 3 out of the 4 basement walls in this home were beginning to show a slight bow, as well as show signs of infiltration. Our team put together the best fix and installed our Wall Anchors. You can see the cover plates pictured in the after photo. They are installed by placing them horizontally outside of the home under ground and securing them to a steal plate 12' from the home. The Wall Anchors are able to be tightened over time to potentially straighten the wall back to its original position. Our team also addressed the water problem by installing a BasementGutter Drainage System that collects the infiltrating water, guides it to the sump pump, and pumps the water out and away from the home to keep the basement dry and comfortable.

Concrete Lifting in Concord Twp., OH

Our crew installed our PolyRenewal System to level out these 4 slabs in the driveway.

PolyRenewal and Crack Sealant on Driveway in Massillon, OH

This homeowners driveway was very uneven and also had a lot of large cracks. Our Poly crew installed the PolyRenewal System to level out the uneven slabs, then added joint sealant to the cracks to prevent them from getting larger. Now the homeowner can make a smooth transition to the garage.
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