Foundation Repair Case Studies: Crawlspace Beautification North Olmstead, OH

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016 by Chandra Woodring


This homeowner was having his kitchen remodeled and worker doing the remodel, noticed that the crawlspace was in bad condition. He informed the homeowner, and he called us right away to get an inspection. One of our crawlspace specialists, Tim, came out and took a thorough look at the crawlspace. The crawlspace had a bunch of mold as well as rotting support beams.


Our team determined that we would need to add our IntelliJacks to help raise the house back to its proper position. We also added some new support beams to replace the ones that had rotten away. We cleaned out the crawlspace of any and all mold that was present and treated it so that mold would not form again. This homeowner now has a dry and structurally sound crawlspace.

Project Summary

Consultant: Tim Tipton

Project Foreman: Adam Kozelka