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This Novelty home has a beautiful finished area in the basement, there was just one problem, the epoxy flooring they had installed by another company wasn't holding up. The epoxy was causing dips and bubbles in the floor. Ohio Basement Systems helped to bring back the beauty to this area by installing our faux wood flooring system. Faux wood flooring uses a patented process that produces the textured grain of hardwood out of PVC, this process keeps the floor from getting ruined when and if the basement floors get wet. Faux wood flooring is environmentally friendly as it contains no formaldehyde,expansion, and it's bacteria free. The area is also available for immediate use after installation.

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  • Basement Epoxy Flooring in Novelty, Ohio
  • Faux Wood flooring Installed in Novelty, Ohio
  • Basement Flooring in Novelty, Ohio
  • Faux Wood Basement Flooring Installed in Novelty