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The garage foundation of this 16 year old Northfield house was sinking causing cracks in the walls, allowing water to seep in, and made the doors stick. The homeowner call Ohio Basement Systems for their free estimate. Alan recommended Helical Piers and PolyRenewal™ to lift the foundation and prevent any further damage. Kyle and his crew did a wonderful job installing the piers and PolyRenewal™. Another happy customer!

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  • Foundation Repair in Northfield, OH
  • Foundation Being Fixed in Northfield
  • Piers and PolyRenewal™ Being Prepped in Northfield
  • Foundation Area Prepped
  • Pier Trenches
  • Pier Trenches Have Been Dug in Northfield
  • Pier Lifting Installation
  • Water Downspouts Installed
  • Backfill in Place
  • Foundation Repair Finished