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Owner of Ohio Basement Systems Mike Rusk is no stranger to basement water drainage, and is well versed in the sump pump options available for basement water removal. As he states, water will always flow towards the lowest point, and that is where the sump system is installed in the basement. Once the sump collects the water, it pumps it to a drainage point that extends beyond the home to prevent this relocated water from being reintroduced into the basement.

Ohio Basement Systems offers three levels of sump pump protection. The first is a well made, cast-iron sump pump set into a sealed container to prevent moisture evaporating out of the system and helping it to run quieter. This setup also includes an alarm to warn in the case of overflow or if the pump fails.

The second level of protection is afforded by the UltraSump, a battery powered sump that will jump into action if the power goes off or if the initial sump pump fails. This battery backup will keep your sump system going even if a storm knocks out your power.

The third level is the TripleSafe Sump System, which has an additional cast iron sump pump inside the sealed container. This third sump offers protection against high volume water buildup or flooding, especially if the first sump is strained to the limit. This sump system will guarantee that your sump can manage water removal even if there's so much water that the primary pump can't keep up.

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