Total Basement Finishing™ Remodeling System

Our award-winning finishing products are waterproof and mold-resistant.

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Our Basement Finishing System in Greater Cleveland

Completely Finished Basement

Most remodeling contractors use standard “off-the-shelf” building materials for basement finishing. However, these materials (wood studs, paper-faced gypsum board, plywood floor sheathing) should not be used in basements.

If these materials ever get wet there is a serious potential for mold and rot. You risk having to tear out your newly finished basement after a storm!

The system includes walls, floors, and ceilings that are beautiful but also waterproof and mold resistant. We provide homeowners with the most-attractive, lowest-maintenance, longest-lasting finished basements.

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“Yes in three days they came and finished our basement. These guys did an amazing job. The air quality in the house has improved drastically. The zen wall looks great”

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Customer Testimonial from Michelle B. in Dover , OH

“Our experience was very good. The crew was friendly and answered all of our questions. They cleaned up everything and kept equipment stored neatly. I would recommend Ohio Basement Systems”

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Customer Testimonial from Randy C. in Dover, OH

“The crew had a great attitude and worked with me to make sure we were on agreement of the expectations each steo of the egress window install. I highly recommend”

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Customer Testimonial from Stacey P. in North Canton , OH

“The sale manager and crew delivered exactly what I wanted and exceeded my expectations. The crew had a great attitude and worked with me to make sure we were in”

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Customer Testimonial from Stacey P. in North Canton, OH

“We wish we would have done this years ago. Our basement looks amazing. Everyone was fantastic. The consultant and the crews were very professional. It was well worth the investment.  ”

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Customer Testimonial from Robin L. in Uniontown, OH

“Having coming come back out to quote flooring and ceiling soon.”

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Customer Testimonial from Jo Ellen P. in Hudson, OH

Basement ceiling tiles for a basement finishing project in Cleveland

Basement Walls

Beautiful, durable finished basement walls. The walls are insulated to keep your home warm, waterproof to keep the basement protected, and dent resistant to keep them looking like new.


  • Waterproof and Mold Resistant
  • Durable & Maintenance Free
  • Warranted & Protected

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Finished Basement Flooring in Akron, Ohio

Basement Flooring

We have a large variety of flooring and subflooring options including modular carpeting, faux wood, and tile. All are designed to prevent odors and mold growth.


  • Large variety of options
  • Provides a thermal break keeping the basement floors warm
  • Modular system allows easy replacement of worn sections

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Basement Ceiling Tiles for a project we worked on in Youngstown, Ohio

Basement Ceilings

Ceiling tiles are non-sagging and mold resistant. Available in two popular styles, these ceiling tiles are ideal for any basement finishing project.


  • Mold Resistant
  • Allows access to ducts, electrical cords and cables.
  • 30-Year limited “No-Sag” warranty.

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Finished Basement column wrap, crown molding, stairs in Mentor, Ohio

Finishing Touches

We provide a variety of finishing touches to help you customize your finished basement, including doors, windows, and staircases.


  • ENERGY STAR® rated basement dehumidifier
  • Sophisticated support column wrap
  • Attractive trim and crown molding options

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Quick installation is a major benefit of our system

In addition to being waterproof, basement remodeling products are carefully engineered to install quickly without a lot of mess. Some of our wall systems, for example, attach directly to the foundation walls. Others slip into sturdy tracks. Our wall panels and ceiling tiles are prefinished, so there is no taping, compounding, priming, or painting.

We understand that many contracting jobs seem to go on forever. We wouldn’t want our own houses under construction and a mess for an extended period, so we won’t do it to you. With our basement finishing system, we can assure you that your project will be completed in a timely, cost-efficient manner with the highest quality products available.

We complete the entire remodeling job, from start to finish

From start to finish, we can transform your basement into a space you will be happy with. We begin by ensuring that your waterproofing system is working properly and is adequate. Our experienced craftsmen know how to overcome every basement remodeling obstacle, including tricky layouts, boxing out ducts, insulation, installing walls and ceilings, electrical and plumbing, heating and ventilation, dehumidification, finishing stairs and landings, and more. We’ll take care of every aspect of the job.

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We’ve seen it all and have the expertise to handle every situation. We can build a dry, spacious-feeling, well-lit, and safe finished basement that would make any homeowner proud.

If you live in Akron, Cleveland, Strongsville or nearby areas in Ohio and want your basement finished today, contact us for a free quote!

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