Effective Basement Waterproofing in Ohio

Our basement waterproofing products help resist mold.

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Basement Carpet After Waterproofing

A smart solution for a comfortable, mold free basement

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Warm feet, worry-free. Basement Carpeting feels soft under your feet, provides a warmer floor & won’t be ruined by moisture or mold, but only when you start with a solid sealing job that prevents moisture from leaking into your basement and causing damage to your investment.

Choosing the right floor options for a finished basement can be a challenging process. By their very nature, basements are prone to water damage from moisture from the slab, plumbing leaks, and groundwater seeping in from the outside. That’s why it’s important to have a quality basement waterproofing and sealing job done prior to starting on your finishing work.

Basement Carpeting is a good solution because of its mold-resistant design, but even it can only hold up so well to a constant barrage of moisture and leaking water. Traditional wall-to-wall carpet in the basement allows condensation and moisture to build up and cause mold, odors, and other problems, but a combination of basement carpeting and a quality basement waterproofing job protect against these issues and give you a warm, dry, comfortable floor.

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What to expect with Basement Carpeting

  • Warmer floors: Basement Carpeting creates up to a 17-degree increase on floor temperature when installed with Insulated Floor Decking.
  • No mold or odors: Combining Basement Carpeting with Insulated Floor Decking provides airspace under your carpet, so water vapor can’t get trapped and create musty odors, with a basement waterproofing job preventing moisture from entering your basement from the ground outside your foundation. There are also no organic materials for mold to grow on.
  • Comfortable basement floors: Integrated padding and the Insulated Floor Decking create a softer, more comfortable surface while basement waterproofing protects your investment from long-term water damage.
  • Easy replacement: The modular design means that any damaged or worn carpet tile can be replaced without having to replace the entire carpet.


Ohio Basement Systems offers top of the line basement waterproofing products and complete basement sealing solutions. Our team of specialists has the training to solve all your basement waterproofing needs. Basement Carpeting is an excellent finishing option for your new space, and our waterproofing system will give you a warm, dry, and comfortable basement floor for years to come.

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