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Insulated Subfloor After Waterproofing

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When finishing or remodeling your basement, the choice of flooring will be one of the most important decisions you make.

No matter what type of finished flooring you choose, it’s important to install a basement subfloor that provides insulation value, along with resistance to mold and moisture damage. These qualities are critical because of basement conditions: moisture from the slab (or from other sources, like water leakage) that can lead to mold and wood rot, and heat loss through the slab that can make your finished floor uncomfortably cold.

However, it’s just as important that this subflooring be protected from excessive moisture by having a quality basement waterproofing and sealing job performed prior to finishing your basement space. Insulated Floor Decking offers many advantages over traditional plywood subflooring.

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  • No damage from mold or moisture. Floor Decking contains no organic, moisture-absorbing material, so it won’t attract mold or mildew, nor be damaged by moisture.
  • More basement headroom. Some floor decking has a low profile, you save a full inch of ceiling height compared to a built-up wood subfloor.
  • Cold protection. Some decking has a continuous layer of rigid foam insulation to ensure that your finished floor surface will be warm & comfortable.
  • Versatility. You can use some types of floor decking as a subfloor treatment beneath all types of the finished flooring.

  • Quick installation. Decking panels interlock with tongue-and-groove joints and don’t require fasteners.


Finding a suitable basement subflooring has been a constant struggle for contractors, especially those who don’t promote having your basement sealed first. A plywood subfloor (installed on the concrete slab or on wood sleepers) will work well until the wood absorbs enough moisture to attract mold; then the floor will have to be torn out. Wouldn’t it be better to avoid this messy and expensive replacement?

By eliminating wood and combining insulation with moisture-proof underlayment, specialty basement decking has all the qualities that other basement subfloor treatments lack.

There is a wide range of options available for your finished basement’s floor. Wood flooring is the ideal finished flooring solution to install over your warm, dry insulated subfloor. Padded carpet can also be installed by your local floor covering expert. However, it’s important to remember that these materials are only as safe as your basement is dry. Getting a quality basement waterproofing job is vital to protecting your investment.

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