Effective Basement Waterproofing in Ohio

Our basement waterproofing products help resist mold.

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Insulated, Paintable Basement Wall Panels

It is possible to transform your dark, dingy and damp basement into a beautiful, livable, and fresh room. Basement finishing is a good option for basement owners. It opens up more space to be used as a workshop, laundry room, or as an extra apartment. That said, it is a complete waste of time, resources, and money to finish a basement without first waterproofing the space.

Conventional building materials like drywall, wood, and putty should not be used to finish basements because they will inevitably get soggy and mold quickly if left to absorb that moisture. The cement brick foundation and basement walls naturally absorb water because concrete and stone are porous by nature. Without proper waterproofing treatment, water wicks through the cement into the room interior as temperature and moisture levels change. It is extremely important to get quality basement waterproofing services before basement finishing can even be considered.

The materials used to finish your basement should be waterproof in nature. Basement walls, ceilings, and flooring are all specially crafted and treated to be waterproof and dent-proof. These items are fully insulated to hold in temperature and can transform an environment from bleak and depressing to well lit and fresh.

Our company no longer offers basement finishing systems, but we still want to encourage you to be aware of the condition of your basement. This includes any cracks and structural problems, and water intrusion and mold growth. Don’t waste your time and money on wall panel systems only to have them ruined by water and moisture.

There are a number of very important waterproofing steps that should be considered in-depth before basement finishing is even considered. Our highly trained waterproofing technicians will spare no solution to get your basement completely waterproofed. That may including fixing and sealing basement cracks and damage. It may include basement leveling. It may include installing a pump system and extra exterior drainage too. Call today and get an estimate.