Effective Basement Waterproofing in Ohio

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Basement Waterproofing: Are Your Windows Keeping Your Basement Dry?

When it comes to basement windows, we can help you install waterproof windows that save you money.

There is nothing like natural light to add cheer to a dark basement, whether it’s a finished family room or a utility space. However, windows often are the biggest source of unwanted moisture and leaks and should be one of your first areas of concern when you consider basement waterproofing.

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If your basement windows are ugly, rusting, warped, or rotting then they clearly aren’t doing their job. When you have leaky basement windows, they cost you money. Not only do they waste energy, but they also impact the value of your home.

Ohio Basement Systems are experts in basement window repair and replacement. We serve Greater Cleveland, Akron, Youngstown, and all of Northern Ohio with reliable window upgrades and replacements, and we will gladly come to your home for a free, no-obligation basement window quote.

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Contact the basement waterproofing experts at Ohio Basement Systems today or email to learn more about basement window replacements and to schedule a free inspection.

These Basement Windows Just Do Not Work

When it comes to basement windows, we have seen them all. After more than 20 years of experience in basement waterproofing and window replacement, we know what types of windows will keep your basement dry and energy-efficient and which types of windows just do not work.

If you have any of these types of basement windows you should consider replacing them:

An old, rusted basement window with a steel frame in Lakewood.

Steel Basement Windows

One of the most common types of windows are single-pane, steel casement windows with a steel sash frame that pivots outward to open. Part of the reason these basement windows are so common is they are inexpensive, so they not designed for dry, energy-efficient performance.

Here are just a few of the disadvantages of steel windows:

  • They have poor energy efficiency: Steel is an excellent energy conductor which means that rather than insulating your basement steel windows transfer heat outside during the winter. They also use single-pane glass, which is a poor insulator, and poor weather stripping tends to shrink and crumble over time, providing pathways for cold air and moisture.
  • They rust and wear out: Steel basement windows only have an effective lifespan of 5-10 years. They tend to corrode relatively quickly so even if you buy a new home, those steel basement windows are already deteriorating, and you will need to replace them at some point.
  • They stop working: Once steel basement windows start to rust, they become nearly impossible to open or close. They also tend to become harder to maintain so cleaning them is a real problem.

A wood-framed basement window

Wood-Framed Basement Windows

Wood-framed windows are a step up in terms of energy efficiency since they often use double-paned glass. Some wood-framed windows even have a movable sash that can be opened. However, wood-framed windows are still fraught with problems.

Here are just a few of the disadvantages of wood-framed windows:

  • They require ongoing maintenance: The exterior window frames need to be scraped and painted regularly to maintain their appearance and prevent wood rot. Window frames will need to be repainted every 5 to 8 years.
  • They have a shorter lifespan: Wood-framed basement windows are going to have a shorter operational lifespan than the rest of the windows in your home because they are regularly exposed to water, mud, and humidity. Any wooden window frame can rot, but wood-framed basement windows tend to rot much faster.
  • They don’t prevent mold and pests: Wood more readily supports mold and fungus growth, especially if the frames aren’t treated regularly. Damp and rotting wood also attract pests such as termites and carpenter ants that can do extensive damage to your home.

An old metal basement window well

Basement Window Wells

Old-fashioned basement wells are still around, and they can be some of the worst offenders when it comes to energy efficiency and maintaining a waterproof basement. The window wells are typically made of steel or aluminum and are installed as a half-oval that protects the basement window, but they also serve as traps for debris.

Here are just some disadvantages of old-fashioned basement window wells:

  • They have poor energy efficiency: Most window wells do not have well covers so they catch all the snow, rain, and debris, which creates leaks in the frame that allow in air and moisture. When it gets cold outside leaky basement window wells tend to make the house colder, which means the furnace has to work harder. Installing a clear cover on basement window wells can give you much-needed insulation and reduce your energy bill.
  • They have a short lifespan: Since they tend to trap debris and moisture, the frames in window wells tend to deteriorate much more quickly. The well walls themselves also tend to corrode, which makes them especially unattractive as well as inefficient.
  • They capture debris, snow, and rainwater: Basement window wells tend to capture leaves, soil, and other debris. If they aren’t cleaned out regularly, they can quickly become planters for unwanted weeds and even tree seedlings.

Egress window wells for a basement that is about to be remodeled.

Egress Windows

If your waterproofed basement will include bedroom or sleeping space, the building code requires a larger “egress” basement window to provide an emergency exit. Some homeowners elect to install this larger window just for the additional natural light it provides.

We can enlarge an existing basement window opening or cut a new opening for an egress window. We’ll also install our specially designed egress window well, featuring built-in steps and corrosion-proof composite construction.

Time to Upgrade to Energy-efficient Basement Windows

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, consumers can cut their energy bills by 30-40% simply by sealing their windows. Chances are that when it comes to energy efficiency your basement windows are the worst offenders. What wastes more energy and introduces more moisture and corrosive elements than outdated, corroded basement windows?

It’s time to stop wasting energy and stop moisture, mold, and pests from infesting your basement.

Ohio Basement Systems is committed to helping you save energy and save money with the industry’s best basement windows and window wells. Your home is a big investment, and we can help you protect that investment with lasting window solutions that feature:

  • Durable vinyl frame guaranteed to last for years
  • Double-pane, insulated glass with Low-E coating for added protection
  • Window wells with energy-efficient, protective covers
  • Removable sash panels for easy cleaning

Ohio Basement Systems only installs name-brand windows that are proven to be energy efficient and deliver lasting, maintenance-free service. And both our windows and our work are warrantied!

Time to Install Beautiful, Energy-efficient, Long-Lasting Basement Windows

Over the past two decades, Ohio Basement Systems products have been used in hundreds of thousands of basements across Northern Ohio. Our award-winning basement window solutions continue to prove their value to satisfied homeowners, both for their beauty and their efficiency.

If you want to add greater comfort to your finished basement, or simply want to save money and preserve the value of your home, contact us today to schedule free, no-obligation basement windows upgrade quote.

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