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Do’s & Dont’s of Basement Finishing in Greater Cleveland

Expert tips from your trusted basement finishing contractor

Install a dehumidifier to keep your basement dry

Eliminate Moisture Problems. By installing a  dehumidifier, you can eliminate moisture for a dry, healthy basement.

When finishing your basement there are a few things to keep in mind as to what you should and shouldn’t do. Here at Ohio Basement Systems, we can explain to you our many different design options and help you create the basement space you’ve always wanted.

There are several elements to consider when remodeling your basement that will help make the process easier. Listed below are all the things you should discuss with your basement finishing contractor to be sure that you are getting a quality, long-lasting space.

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What you SHOULD do:

  • Eliminate moisture – Moisture can ruin your basement, which is why it’s smart to waterproof your basement before finishing. When water enters your basement it can create dampness which presents the opportunity for mold to grow. By installing a dehumidifier, Ohio Basement Systems can eliminate moisture while cleaning the air in your basement.
  • Double-check local building codes – As you know, different areas have a multitude of different building codes. It is important that you and your contractor discuss the particulars before any installation has begun. Although our contractors know exactly what to do in the area that we serve, we want you to be aware of the stipulations as well.
  • Accentuate the positive areas of your basement – Your basement may not acquire natural light to let into the space, but the amount of floor space is something to utilize. Our experts know exactly what to do down to the little details so that you get the most out of your basement space.
  • Consider all design options – We have several basement finishing design ideas that can help your basement transform into a space you’ve always wanted. From home theaters to bars and extra living space, we can help create anything you have in mind.

What you SHOULDN’T do:

  • Overlook the smaller details – Specific aspects should also be discussed during your on-site consultation with one of our basement specialists. Things like lighting, ductwork, columns, joists and trim all require attention. Since your basement won’t be receiving much natural light, lighting is extremely important. With our high-quality wall panels, different lighting options offer a different look to the walls. We also offer design options for specific light fixtures.
  • Stress to figure out every aspect – Here at Ohio Basement Systems, we can give you an accurate depiction of what your basement will look like with our integrated software. However, after we finish the project, the little details are yours to decide. You can add custom furniture, pictures, posters, and other decorative elements without the fear that they will be ruined over time. All of our wall, ceiling and flooring options are resistant to moisture, mold and rot. They also have neutral appearances, allowing you to decorate how you please.
  • Question the investment – Your basement will significantly add to the value of your home. Whether you plan on selling your home or not, you now have a beautifully finished space that can be used for virtually anything. This added space can be extra living space or a room to store all your most valuable items. A finished basement by Ohio Basement Systems will not only last long, but it will be an investment you wish you never questioned!

Remodel your basement the right way

With the our basement finishing system installed by Ohio Basement Systems, you can have the beautiful basement you’ve always wanted, without the worry of mold or moisture ruining your basement. Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation basement design consultation and get a free estimate for your basement remodeling project.

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