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Basement Window Inserts, Window Wells & Egress Windows

Brighten your basement with maintenance-free replacement windows

Old basement windows are a problem, both inside and outside the house.

  • Do you have window wells that are full of debris and vegetation?
  • Do you have basement windows with rusty steel frames that need stripping and painting?
  • Is your basement chilly in winter because of all the heat loss through single-pane glass, and all the cold air leaking in around the window frame?

You can permanently put an end to these basement window problems with innovative basement window upgrades from Ohio Basement Systems. Unlike “old-school” basement window products that will rust and deteriorate over time, our windows and window wells never require painting or maintenance, and they’re just about indestructible.

Basement Window Products

window insert

Window Inserts

Window Inserts replace ugly basement windows with insulated glass in a maintenance-free vinyl frame.


basement egress window

Window Wells

Egress Window Wells let in natural light and are large enough to use as an emergency exit.


window well

Basement Window Enclosure

Window Wells feature durable, all-vinyl construction and clear acrylic tops to keep out rain, debris & pests.


Why replace your basement windows?

  • A dirty, clogged basement window
    This window needs help. It’s easy to see how basement windows get a bad reputation.
  • After window well installation
    Basement window protection. With a basement window well and cover, you won’t have to worry about debris.

If you have old wood windows that are rotting or windows that leak or let in drafts, replacement windows can make a big difference in your home’s comfort, energy efficiency and curb appeal.

Making sure your basement windows and window wells are in good shape is key to keeping moisture and water out of your basement. Windows and window wells that are rusted and corroded can allow leakage from rain and snow, which can cause mold, mildew and other problems. Leaves, dirt and other debris can also clog the window well, causing flooding in the basement. Replacing your windows and window wells can prevent basement water problems caused by leaky basement windows.

if you’re considering finishing your basement or remodeling the space to include a sleeping area, you’ll need to add egress windows to create a safe exit in case of an emergency. Egress windows also add extra light in your basement, making it more inviting.

Frequently Asked Questions About Basement Windows and Waterproofing

Basement windows can be a huge concern for waterproofed basements. What do you need to know about the impact your windows might be having?

What Are the Biggest Problems Homeowners Experience with Basement Windows? 

Most commonly, homeowners will experience a few problems with basement windows. Either the seal around the windows will be too weak, the window wells will collect water and increase hydrostatic pressure, or the window material will be organic and therefore prone to mold and mildew. These are all huge problems for basements.

Why Do Basement Windows Tend to Let in Excess Water? 

Basement windows tend to allow excess water or moisture to come into the basement, even if you’ve already managed waterproofing for the rest of the basement. Most of the time, this is because the seal around basement windows is a weak spot. Especially in an area like Ohio, which tends to be more rainy than other areas, this can quickly become a recurring problem.

Are There Window Designs That Work with Waterproofed Basements? 

The good news is that you can have a window in your basement and still maintain your waterproofing. It’s all about choosing the right windows. If you choose a durable vinyl frame, double-pane insulated glass, and window wells with protective covers, you can maintain your basement’s waterproofing effectively.

How Can I Switch to Waterproof Windows for My Basement? 

This type of high-quality waterproof window is a must-have if you’re interested in maximizing your home’s energy efficiency and protection. Ohio Basement Systems wants to make sure you save money and headaches. Request a free quote today to learn more about how you can change out your current basement windows.

Frequently Asked Questions About Basement Window Upgrades

If you have old-fashioned basement windows, you may have plenty of issues with them. How do you fix the problems you may have with these windows?

Why Do Window Wells Regularly Have Issues with Debris and Vegetation? 

Although window wells provide a convenient way to allow sun into underground windows, they can also be a haven for debris and vegetation. Wind can push various types of debris into the window well, where it can get stuck, and rain makes plants grow in the dirt that is now in the window well. This tends to be an ongoing problem.

Do Basement Windows Contribute to Heat and Cooling Loss? 

Another problem with many basement windows is the fact that they’re often single-pane, especially when they’re older. Single-pane glass tends to contribute hugely to heat and cooling loss because the glass absorbs the temperature from the outside air. Plus, if your windows have low-quality frames, air is probably leaking through those frames as well.

Is Rust and Deterioration Actually a Problem for Windows? 

When you have steel frames in old windows, chances are you’re going to end up with rust. Many of these older basement windows don’t have the same protection as newer basement windows, which means rust happens regularly. These problems can increase the amount of air, water, and debris that get inside your basement.

What Can I Do to Fix My Basement Windows? 

For the most part, if you have old-fashioned basement windows, you’ll want to replace them. Replacement is the best way to make sure you have well-functioning windows. You can request a free estimate from Ohio Basement Systems to learn more about installing new basement windows.

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