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If you have water in your basement, the right basement drain system makes all the difference. At Ohio Basement Systems, we provided a variety of patented, effective drainage systems that will keep your home dry all time. Choose an option below to learn more about our drainage solutions or call us today to get a free installation estimate.

Over time, exterior drain systems and downspouts can clog. Water builds around the exterior perimeter and finds its way into your basement through weak points in the foundation.

Drainage Systems

BasementGutter Basement Waterproofing System

If you have water in your basement and have a poured footing, this is the drainage system for you.


a smart drainage system solution for monolithic basement floors

Basement Water Control System

Our baseboard water drainage system is an ideal waterproofing solution for monolithic basement floors.


This keeps water out of your entryway

Surface Drainage System

If the bottom of your entryway has water, our drainage system might be the answer.



Surface Drain

Do you have exterior foundation leaks? Then our Surface Drain might be the solution for you.


Does water somehow find its way into your basement? An exterior and/or interior perimeter drainage system addresses hydrostatic pressure – that is, the pressure of groundwater forcing its way through the basement walls or foundation.

Protect your home with our quality drainage systems

No matter what’s causing your basement water problem or how your house was constructed, Ohio Basement Systems’ patented clog-resistant drainage systems, sump pumps and other waterproofing products will provide the right basement waterproofing solution for your home.

If you’re interested in our basement drainage systems, call us today or contact us online to get started with a free estimate. We provide all our basement waterproofing services in Cleveland, Akron, Strongsville, Mentor, Cuyahoga Falls, Elyria, Lakewood, Lorain, Youngstown, Westlake, and the surrounding areas.

Frequently Asked Questions About Basement Drainage Systems in Akron and Surrounding Areas

Basement drainage systems can be an important part of basement waterproofing. What should you know about your basement drainage options?

Do I Really Need a Basement Drainage System? 

You might wonder whether a basement drainage system is really necessary for your unique basement needs. The fact is that a basement drainage system can help you address the cause of moisture in your basement, which can lead to other problems including mold and mildew.

What’s the Root Cause of Basement Water and Moisture? 

Most of the time, hydrostatic pressure is the biggest reason for basement water and general basement moisture. This pressure forces water through the walls and floor. However, that isn’t the only potential cause. When you have the right basement drainage system, you can avoid issues with hydrostatic pressure and other basement water problems.

Why Are There So Many Different Basement Drainage Systems? 

Different basement drainage systems all help with different reasons for basement moisture. Although hydrostatic pressure is a common concern, you can also experience basement flooding because of outside water or an internal leak. Choosing the right basement drainage system, whether that’s a surface drain, an interior BasementGutter™ system, or something else entirely, is an important part of ensuring your basement drains properly.

How Do I Get the Right Basement Drainage System for My Needs? 

To find the right basement drainage system, you need a basement repair expert to come in, assess the problem, and create a solution. Ohio Basement Systems can help with a free estimate for services. That way, you’ll know whether you may need help and how expensive a basement repair may end up being.

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