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Surface Drainage System in [territory

Advantages of Surface Drainage

  • A solution for slowly permeable soils such as clay
  • An effective solution for excess water around the foundation
  • Can divert large amounts of water quickly

Surface Draining System

Prevents water from collecting on land near the foundation

Have you noticed water collecting by the side of your home? Water seepage can cause a number of structural issues, including cracks, corrosion, mold growth, and more. With the exclusive surface drainage system offered by the waterproofing experts at Ohio Basement Systems, we can effectively divert water away from your home.

How the Surface Drainage System works

Water that collects around the edges of your foundation can leak in and cause serious water damage, such as structural corrosion, cracks, and mold growth. The Surface Drainage System prevents water from collecting on land near the foundation, effectively redirecting it away from the home.

The Surface Drainage System consists of shallow trenches with 4-inch perforated pipe and gravel. This should include land smoothing or land grading if possible. Our system is suitable for all slowly permeable soils and for areas where the pipe has a place to naturally connect to city storm lines.

In most cases, the pipe is connected to a flowing underground downspout lateral. In other cases, the ground is pitched, which allows for the water to drain to the surface or has a ditch/ravine that the pipe can terminate in.

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The Surface Drainage System is an exclusive Ohio Basement Systems product, as we are trained and certified to expertly install this system in the Greater Cleveland area.

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