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Basement Entry Surface Drainage

Prevents water flooding through the basement door or garage

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Capturing surface water is often critical to keep a basement or other area dry. There’s no better drainage system for this task than the grated drain from Ohio Basement Systems. The surface drainage system is typically installed at the bottom of a basement stairway, or across a doorway into a walkout basement. It can also be used to prevent surface water from entering a garage. The surface drainage system is easily integrated with the BasementGutter drainage system lines and other basement waterproofing solutions from Ohio Basement Systems.

Unique design and durable construction

The surface drainage system consists of a drainage channel with a removable, flush-fitting grated cover. Because both parts are made from heavy-duty reinforced plastic, you’ll never need to worry about breakage, corrosion, moisture damage or maintenance.

Surface drainage system airlock helps protect against radon

In a basement where a radon mitigation system has been installed to lower radon exposure levels, we recommend combining our airlock drains with our surface drainage system. Made from high-strength plastic, airlock drain inserts are designed to fit in the drainage channel, directly below the removable grate. Cup-shaped recesses are located every 6 inches along the airlock drain insert strips, and each recess holds a plastic ball that covers a hole. In “dry” mode, the ball sits in the recess, blocking air movement that can adversely affect the performance of a radon mitigation system. But when water enters the drain, the balls float, allowing water to drain through the holes and into the drainage channel.

Where to get surface drainage system

The surface drainage system is only available from Ohio Basement Systems. Contact us to request a basement repair consultation and get a free cost estimate at no obligation.

TrenchDrain Surface Drainage System

Advantages of Basement Entry Surface Drainage

  • Effectively captures surface water at stairways, doorways and along other openings.
  • Rugged reinforced plastic will not crack or dent.
  • Grated cover can be removed easily to clear drainage channel.
  • Drain length is flexible to span openings of all sizes.
  • Basement Surface Drainage System
  • Basement Surface Drainage System
  • Basement Surface Drainage System
  • Basement Surface Drainage System
  • Basement Surface Drainage System
  • Basement Surface Drainage System

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