Waterproofing Membrane

 Waterproofing Membrane in Ohio

Advantages of the Waterproofing Membrane

  • Installed during the excavation process for other repairs
  • Waterproofing membrane rubberized sheet provides consistent coverage
  • Can be used in conjunction with ExTremeBloc to keep the basement dry and warm

Waterproofing Membrane

Why are basements cold and damp?

Heat moves from high-temperature spaces to areas with lower temperatures. Since your below-grade space is generally cool, there is a constant stream of heat loss by conduction through a home’s foundation.

Typical waterproofing membranes also provide inconsistent coverage, leaving foundation walls vulnerable to water seepage, creating a cold, damp, and uncomfortable basement overall.

The proven solution

The perfect time to seal the foundation is when it is being repaired from water seepage damage during excavation. Once installed, the waterproofing membrane system permanently protects your home from excessive moisture.

The Waterproofing Membrane is a flexible, 60-mil thick layer specifically designed to provide a complete and consistent moisture barrier for foundation walls. The Waterproofing Membrane can also be used in conjunction with ExTremeBloc, our two-inch thick insulation panels that are water resistant and provide an R-11 thermal resistance. Together, the Waterproofing Membrane and ExTremeBloc are the solutions for a cozy, dry, energy efficient home.

Where to get the surface drainage system

The Waterproofing Membrane is exclusively offered and installed by your local basement waterproofing contractor, Ohio Basement Systems. To schedule a free, no-obligation basement waterproofing estimate, click below in Cleveland, Akron, Strongsville, Elyria, Cuyahoga Falls, Mentor, Lorain, Youngstown, Westlake, Lakewood, and nearby in Ohio!

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