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Sump Pump Floor Drain

Sump Pump Floor Drain

Product Features & Advantages

  • Allows water from a plumbing leak to drain into sump pump
  • Prevents flooding and water damage caused by failed water tank or washing machine

Built-in drain prevents flooding from a plumbing leak

Sump pumps are designed to prevent basement flooding due to ground water intrusion, but what if your flooded basement is caused by a plumbing leak, such as from a burst washing machine hose or failed water heater? Water damage from a plumbing leak can be reduced if there’s a way for the water to drain into your sump pump. Ohio Basement Systems’ sump pump systems include a floor drain built in to the cover.

How it works

A hole in the floor drain basin is covered by a hollow ball. The ball floats when water drains into the basin, allowing the water to drain into the sump liner. This design also helps prevent odors and radon gas from entering the basement.

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