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Sump Pump Basin

Sump Pump Basin

Sump Pump Basin Product Features & Advantages

  • Reduces risk of sump pump clogs caused by debris or pests
  • Made from heavy-duty reinforced plastic that won’t crack or corrode
  • Airtight cover is easily removable by unscrewing a few fasteners

Say goodbye to your dirty sump pit with the Sump Pump Basin

An open or loosely covered sump pit is a safety hazard and a source of unpleasant odors. An open sump pit allows debris and pests to fall into the sump hole and potentially clog the pump’s intake, increasing the risk of a flooded basement.

The sump pump basin from Ohio Basement Systems is designed to securely hold the sump pump while providing a clean appearance. The Sump Pump Basin, combined with our airtight sump pump lid, will keep odors, pests and radon gas out of the basement. A one-way floor drain in the lid allows water from leaks to drain into the sump pit.

Both the sump pump basin and sump pump cover are installed with every sump pump system sold by an authorized Ohio Basement Systems dealer.

Benefits of the Sump Pump Basin

  • Thick-walled, reinforced plastic construction provides exceptional durability; won’t crack, corrode or deteriorate
  • Includes knock-out for connecting to main drain line
  • Included airtight lid is compatible with radon mitigation systems
  • Innovative “pump ring” on liner floor prevents sump pump from shifting and ensures reliable float switch operation

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