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Airtight Sump Pump Cover

Sump Pump Cover

Sump Cover Product Features & Advantages

  • Keeps moisture, odors and radon gas out of the basement
  • Reduces sump pump noise
  • Stops children & objects from falling into sump pit
  • Reinforced-plastic lid is strong enough to support stored items

An airtight sump cover protects your pump and basement

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Sump Pump System

Get with the system. A total basement waterproofing installation can include a sump pump system equipped with battery backup (to keep working during a power outage) and a basement dehumidifier that removes mold spores and dust while drying basement air.

If your existing sump pit doesn’t have a cover, now is the time to install one. An exposed sump can collect debris that blocks the pump and allow nasty odors and dangerous radon gas to enter the basement. All sump pump systems from Ohio Basement Systems include a durable, airtight cover. We serve all of Northern Ohio, including Cleveland, Toledo, Lima, Akron, Canton, Youngstown, and surrounding.

In addition to helping keep your waterproofing system free of clogs and keeping your basement free of odors, our sump cover offers several other advantages to keep your family’s greatest asset safe and protected:


  • Includes a basement floor drain to admit water from a plumbing leak or other source.
  • Gives the sump pump system an attractive finished appearance.
  • Easy to remove when servicing sump pump.

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