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Crawl Space Before & After Photos

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Crawl Space Insulation in Olmsted Township, OH

The owner of this Olmsted Twp. home wanted to have his crawlspace insulated. He called Ohio Basement Systems and our consultant Kevin was more than happy to help. He recommended a dehumidifier, a SafeDri Sump Pump, and crawl space encapsulation (CrawlSeal). Matt and his crew went right to work insulating the space and installing the product. We have another happy customer.

CrawlSeal Install in Thompson, OH

This customer had two separate crawlspaces that were very dirty, smelly, and leaked quite frequently. Our team installed our BasementGutter Drainage System and the CrawlSeal Encapsulation System to protect both areas of concern from water infiltration and mold growth. Now both crawlspaces are clean and accessible for any maintenance or upkeep on the home.

Crawlspace Waterproofing in Bay Village, OH

This homeowner was having issues with her crawlspace getting moisture. We installed our CrawlSeal Vapor Barrier to keep out any moisture. We also installed our ExTremeBloc Insulation. This insulation helps keep heat in the crawlspace and brightens up the crawl space as well.

CrawlSeal Installation in Massillon, OH

This crawlspace was quite dingy. We installed our CrawlSeal wall liner to help make it a cleaner, brighter, and dryer place for storage. CrawlSeal helps keep moisture out of the crawlspace by creating a barrier to keep it at bay.

Super Crawlspace Columbia Station, Ohio

In a home in Columbia Station, we properly insulated and sealed a damp and leaky crawl space with our CrawlSeal and ExTremeBloc insulation. We also air-sealed areas where the cold, damp air could enter in between floor joists. Our CrawlSeal vapor barrier is a 20 ml thick plastic liner comparable to a pool liner, which has multiple layers so it will not tear and rip. It is an excellent barrier to the wet, moist air rising from the ground, creating the damp crawl space environment. Our ExTremeBloc insulation was installed on the walls which has R-10 rating. Our customer can now use their crawl space for storage and the upstairs of the home will not be losing heat as the level below remains warm and dry.
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