Damp, Nasty Crawl Space?

CrawlSeal crawl space encapsulation is the solution you need.

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CrawlSeal® Crawl Space Vent Cover

Crawl Space Vent Cover Benefits

  • Rugged PVC plastic vents are sized to fit over standard crawl space vent openings.
  • Totally immune to moisture damage.
  • Vents will protect your home from outside temperature & humidity conditions and pests.
  • Attractive and designed to stay that way; no painting or other maintenance required.

CrawlSeal® Crawl Space Vent Cover

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CrawlSeal® Vent Cover is only available from a certified installer in your area. Contact us to request an inspection & get a free cost estimate to have it installed in your home.

CrawlSeal® Crawl Space Vent Cover Installed

Airtight door. To seal larger crawl space openings, you can’t beat the performance of maintenance-free crawl space doors.

Vent covers keep your basement dry, mold & rot free

Today we know that it’s not a good idea to have a vented crawl space. Moist air that enters a vented crawl space will condense on cooler crawl space surfaces, ruining insulation and encouraging mold, mildew and wood decay to flourish. To make matters worse, buildings with vented crawl spaces almost always have trouble with insects and other pests (snakes, mice, rats, etc.) that get into the crawl space through vent openings.

Vent covers block air flow

Crawl space sealing with our CrawlSeal® crawl space liner is the recommended treatment for a vented crawl space. This process involves the installation of different air and moisture barriers to totally separate and shield the crawl space from outside conditions. Plastic vent covers play an important role in a sealed crawl space by closing off the air movement that would otherwise occur through vent openings.

Our vent covers are the last and best vent covers you home will ever need. Made from ½-in.-thick PVC plastic, these vent covers come already fitted with foam weatherstripping to create an airtight seal around the vent opening. They’re ready to install. Our vents come in a variety of colors to match your home’s exterior color scheme, because. Our vent covers put the crowning touch on your crawl space encapsulation, providing not just great appearance but excellent function as well. If your home has oversize crawl space vent openings, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with our ½-in.-thick crawl space doors. Made from the same maintenance-free PVC as our vent covers, access doors can be cut to match the size of your vent openings.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the CrawlSeal® Crawl Space Vent Cover

The CrawlSeal® crawl space vent cover is a great option for anyone who has crawl space vents. Do you know why this vent cover can be useful?

Are Vents Good for My Crawl Space?

Although people thought crawl space vents were good for crawl spaces for many years, they’re actually detrimental for your crawl space. A crawl space vent invites moisture, insects and pollutants into your crawl space from the outside. Plus, it vents AC or heating, which raises your electricity bill every month.

Can I Avoid Crawl Space Moisture with a Dehumidifier?

Rather than closing the crawl space vents, some people wonder whether they can simply use a crawl space dehumidifier to avoid moisture. Although a dehumidifier can be helpful, in this case, it won’t be fixing the base issue. Without installing crawl space vent covers, you’ll still have crawl space moisture problems even with a dehumidifier.

How Do I Avoid Musty Smells and Dampness in My Crawl Space After Installing a Vent Cover?

You may still notice issues with dampness or a musty smell in your crawl space after you install vent covers. Make sure you’ve invested in full crawl space encapsulation, which includes a crawl space vapor barrier and may include a dehumidifier, to complete the process of removing musty smells and dampness.

What Should I Do to Install a CrawlSeal® Vent Cover?

The CrawlSeal® vent cover isn’t something you can install by yourself. Instead, Ohio Basement Systems offers the CrawlSeal® vent cover from certified installers in your area. Request a free estimate from Ohio Basement Systems to learn more about the cost and options available for installation.

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