Testimonials for Ohio Basement Systems

The Ohio Basement Crew is very polite and professional.

Customer Testimonial from Delilah P. in Austinburg, OH
Saturday, February 6th

I read favorable reviews of Ohio Basement Systems waterproofing system and installation. The crew was very accommodating and made sure I was satisfied with their work.

Customer Testimonial from Phillip R. in Navarre, OH
Friday, February 5th

Kyle is an awesome foreman. He kept me informed during every step of the process. Cody, Ryan, & Chris are very professional, personable workers.

Customer Testimonial from Jason W. in Northfield, OH
Friday, February 5th

The results were outstanding. All the gaps were closed up and the appearance was excellent! The crew was very knowledgable, patient, and conscientious. I appreciated the wrok they did and the care they took!

Customer Testimonial from Larry S. in North Ridgeville, OH
Thursday, February 4th

Chuck was very clear and patient. Andy was detailed, precise, and professional. This was a very positive experience at a fair price.

Customer Testimonial from Claudia D. in Novelty, OH
Tuesday, February 2nd

I was very pleased with the installation crew, they went over everything with me and did a great job!

Customer Testimonial from Vickie M. in Parma, OH
Monday, February 1st

The crew was very efficient and professional. They explained everything that was done in detail.

Customer Testimonial from Betty E. in Cleveland, OH
Friday, January 29th

I was at best, a novice on basement waterproofing before I came across Dan Ringer. Dan spent all the time I needed, answering my questions (sometimes more then once), explaining processes and options to my understanding and satisfaction. There was no "hurry up and sign here" presurre that I experienced with an Ohio Basement Systems competitor. When time came for the job to be done, the foreman (Kyle) and his crew exceeded my expectations. Timeliness,respect,professionalism and apprecation for the homeownership-undertaking that is basement waterproofing, were the hallmarks of Kyle and his crew. Do your homework on basement waterproofers, that I encourage, but only Ohio Basement Systems is the real deal-and the best deal.

-Brandon in Canton.

Customer Testimonial from Brandon A. in Canton , OH
Friday, January 29th

From the first scheduling, Michael went over everything thoroughly. He explained it so I understood what's going to happen. When I called him, he answered all my questions. I am very pleased with the installation crew. They let me know what they were doing and did a great job. I'm very impressed.

Customer Testimonial from Vickie M. in Parma , OH
Thursday, January 28th

I used Ohio Basement Systems before to have a drain system installed. They did a good installation on the drain, as well as the LumaBright this time. It really brightens up my basement.

Customer Testimonial from Jerry M. in Highland Heights, OH
Wednesday, January 27th

I appreciated the non-pushy approach to the inspection & sales call , as well as the patience Ohio Basement Systems had with scheduling our installation. Adam, Pat, & John were extremely polite and very professional while installing our system. I especially appreciated that they were considerate with their music choice, because of small kids in our home; even when the kids were away. Very thoughtful!

Customer Testimonial from Maureen K. in Lakewood, OH
Tuesday, January 26th

I was interested in the foam lifting process for my front porch, since mud jacking was tried before by another company and didn't work. I had an excellent experience from the estimate process through completion. Chad was open and honest and the installation crew did a wonderful job. My porch looks awesome. I will definitely recommend Ohio Basement Systems.

Customer Testimonial from Sue B. in Medina, OH
Monday, January 25th

Ohio Basement Systems is so good explaining what is needed. They really know what they're talking about. When I was looking for a home, I would notice the Ohio Basement Systems ads used in the realtor listings. Kyle, Chris, and Cody did a great job. Kyle filled me in with updates through out the whole process.

Customer Testimonial from Pam B. in Lakewood, OH
Thursday, January 21st

The installation was great and the installer was very friendly. Ohio Basement Systems did a great job!

Customer Testimonial from Scott W. in Macedonia, OH
Thursday, January 21st

We were referred to Ohio Basement Systems by a friend. He spoke very highly of the company since having his wall reinforced recently. The quality of workmanship was great. The product looks and feels very sturdy. Employees are professional and courteous.

Customer Testimonial from Phil M. in Canfield, OH
Wednesday, January 20th
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