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IntelliBrace Installation in Avon Lake, OH

This homeowner's walls had quite a few cracks in them. We installed our IntelliBrace system to help stop the wall from bowing out any more than it already had. The IntelliBraces will slowly bring the wall back to its original position without cracking it any further.

Westlake, OH, IntelliBrace Installation

This basement wall started to crack and bow. We installed our IntelliBrace System to keep the wall in place and not bow any further. On top of that, The braces slowly push the wall back into place as not to crack it any further.

Wall Anchors Installed in Bellville, OH

This homeowner had a bow in their basement wall that got to the point to where it started to crack horizontally. Our structural experts evaluated the situation and determined the best solution for this particular problem were our Wall Anchors. These anchors, as you can see in the after photo, have plates that attach to the inside of the basement wall and connect to a separate plate that is secured 12 feet from the home in the compacted soil. This method helps hold the wall in place, prevents it from bowing further, and can potentially straighten the wall back into it's original position.

Cracked and Bowed Walls West Salem, Ohio

A home in West Salem had cracked and bowed walls in their basement. We installed our wall anchors, which are steel wall plates connected to thread rods that connect to earth wall anchors on the outside of the home 20 to 30 ft away. Over time, by tightening the anchors, the wall straightens. In some cases, it shows the wall moving back the same day.

Wall Repair in Hanoverton

This customer has a wall with a crack which is bowing in. We used our 8' IntelliBrace System to stabilize the wall and straighten it out over time.

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