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Wall Anchor Covers

What It Does:

Anchor Covers are the perfect solution for wall anchor installations in both finished and unfinished basements.

The patent-pending, removable Anchor Cover conceals your wall anchors while still allowing for periodic tightening of the system.

These covers provide the perfect finishing touch to a foundation wall anchor system, that stabilizes and straightens bowing, buckling walls.

With the Anchor Cover System, you will never need to cut or damage your finished basement walls to access and tighten your wall anchors!

Technical Features

  • Durable, easy-to-clean plastic cover completely hides steel wall plate, threaded rod, and adjustment nut.
  • Snap-on design provides easy access to steel wall plate and nut so that further adjustments can be made to wall anchor system.
  • Maintains a neat, clean look in your basement living space
  • Sleek, low-profile design fits tight against the wall without protruding into living space
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Preparing Your Basement For Finishing

Foundation wall anchors do an excellent job of repairing bowing, buckling walls. But the adjustment nut for each wall anchor needs to remain accessible to tighten and adjust the system in the future.

This creates a challenge for homeowners who’d like to finish their newly repaired basement and add living space to their home: How will you access your wall anchors once you’ve finished your basement walls?

The Wall Anchor Cover System is the ideal answer to this problem. These covers are custom-made for Wall Anchors, and their sleek, paintable design fits in perfectly with any basement wall system you install.

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