The Cleveland House Where A Christmas Story Was Filmed

Every holiday season, Ohio takes center stage in an unexpected way. About 40 million people will watch the holiday classic A Christmas Story, which was filmed in Cleveland.

We all know the classic lines such as, “You’ll shoot your eye out.” However, as building professionals, our team also looks closely at the movie house, how it was constructed, and if it has any basement or foundation problems.

The movie house from A Christmas Story is within our service area, and we’re familiar with the old homes in the Tremont area of Cleveland.

To better understand this famous home, the 3D floor plan of A Christmas Story House shows the home layout from the front porch to the backyard. It also includes key scenes from the movie. Compare the two images to see how many A Christmas Story scenes you can find in this movie house floor plan.

The Cleveland House Where A Christmas Story Was Filmed

From Filming Location to A Christmas Story Museum

The Cleveland house used for the movie is located in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland at 3149 11th Street. It’s a residential neighborhood that’s south of downtown.

After the movie was filmed in the early 1980s, the house continued to be used as a residence, and it was remodeled and renovated as the owners saw fit. The owners refinished the exterior with gray siding, transformed the interior into a duplex, and added double-pane windows to improve the home’s energy efficiency.

In 2004, the property was listed on eBay. It had a starting price of $99,900, and it sold to an investor for $150,000.

Buying the house was only the first step. The new owner, Brian Jones, then spent an additional $240,000 to restore the house to match exactly how it looked in the movie. He turned it into a museum where guests can walk through the setting that they’ve only seen on-screen.

Choosing Cleveland to Film A Christmas Story

Writer Jean Shepherd based A Christmas Story on his experiences growing up in Indiana along the shores of Lake Michigan. Reportedly, scouts considered 20 different filming locations, but Cleveland had a few advantages that beat out the competition.

  • Cleveland is also a steel town and its midwestern architecture was similar to Indiana where the movie was supposed to be set.
  • Cleveland’s Higbee Department Store gave permission for filming. This provided the set for scenes where Ralphie sees the BB gun for the first time and the visit with Santa.
  • The author grew up on Cleveland Street in Indiana, creating a behind-the-scenes link between the filming location and the origins of the movie’s stories.

After using Cleveland for the establishing scenes, the remainder of the movie was shot in Toronto on a soundstage. This gave the crew room to capture the wide-angle shots to visually show the plot from the perspective of a young person.

A Christmas Story House Floor Plan

The house used for A Christmas Story was built in 1895. The two-story Victorian has 1,792 square feet.

After entering the home via the covered front porch, the front door opens directly into the living room. Here, the iconic leg lamp is displayed in the front window, and after the lamp is “accidentally” broken, the Christmas tree decorated the room.

From the living room, a staircase leads to the upper story. Here are the bedrooms and the bathroom where Ralphie regularly has his mouth washed out with soap.

On the main floor, the kitchen and dining area are accessed by walking through to the back of the home. This is where the holiday turkey was resting until the Bumpus hounds ruined the meal. The kitchen also has a door to the basement. Although we never see the lower level on the screen, we hear the old man clanking about in the basement as he tries to fix the furnace.

According to the maps developed by Flood Factor, the house from A Christmas Story currently has a low risk for flooding, but in the next 30 years, the projected flood risk inches closer to the backyard. Installing a basement waterproofing system now could help provide long-term protection for the foundation, home appliances like the furnace, and any personal belongings being stored in the basement. Just one inch of water can cause $25,000 in damage, and preventive maintenance can help homeowners (or museum owners) avoid a flooded basement.

Learn More About A Christmas Story House

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