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Waterproofing a Basement In Akron, OH

After dealing with a flooded basement after every rain, homeowners from Akron were motivated to solve this problem for good. Here is how we helped them.

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It is probably safe to say that homeowners who have a basement never keep this area completely empty. After all, basements are convenient for storing items you rarely or never use. They can be also converted into a spare bedroom, living room, an entertainment area, or a home gym. However, none of this is possible if a basement has moisture issues. Water can quickly damage all of the possessions stored down there, but that is not even the worst thing that can happen. Moisture issues lead to mold growth and wood rot. While mold growth can compromise the quality of the air in the home and cause respiratory issues, rot can attract pests such as termites and even impact the structural stability of the building. This is why it is important to take necessary waterproofing measures to keep the basement safe from any water damage

When a couple from Akron, OH, called us, they had been dealing with minor flooding problems for about a year. However, a week before it rained hard and their basement was completely flooded. Since they have already invested in finishing their basement floors and walls, they wanted to protect this space from any future water damage. After evaluating the situation and detecting the problem, we recommended suitable waterproofing methods. The homeowners gladly accepted our suggestions and we were able to waterproof their basement in two days. 

after sump pump installation

Meeting the Customers and Our Initial Inspection 

When the couple from Akron, which is approximately 38 miles south of Cleveland, OH, called us about their basement, one of our inspectors went to meet with them. According to the owners, every time it rained they had minor flooding. However, heavy rains that fell the week before were the final straw. When they went into the basement, they were able to notice water coming through the walls. They were determined to solve this problem once and for all, so they looked up professional waterproofing companies in their area online and came across our website. After looking at what we offer, they decided to give us a call.  

The owners have been living in a home that was built in 1993. They had already finished their basement when they noticed water coming through the walls whenever it rained. 

During the initial inspection, our expert was able to notice telltale signs of water damage. Moisture levels in the basement were increased and there were noticeable cracks on the walls. Not only were they letting water into the basement, but they were a potential entryway for pests. To make sure that flooding never occurs again, multiple waterproofing measures needed to be taken. 

water intrusion

Repairing the Damage 

It took us two days to complete the project. To install all of the needed waterproofing measures, we had to remove the finished floor and some of the finished walls. However, these solutions will prevent future flooding issues and keep the basement dry and clean. 

Since an exterior drainage system would require a lot of excavation and would ruin their landscape, the homeowners agreed that the best solution would be to install the BasementGutter™ interior drainage system. This system is designed to capture wall seepage before it reaches the basement floor and gets the opportunity to cause damage. Water can enter the drain through inlet holes and it is directed to the sump pump. Most of the drainage channel is hidden under a layer of concrete, and since just the top edge of the wall flange is visible, you’ll hardly know it’s there. Our crew also installed a SafeDri™ Triple sump pump to pump the water out of the basement in case of flooding. It also serves to direct the water collected by the interior drain out of the basement. 

Our customers agreed that adding the WallSeal™ vapor barrier to the waterproofing solutions was a good idea. WallSeal™ is waterproof and resistant to mold and mildew, so homeowners can be at ease knowing that it will protect their basement against mold growth and moisture for years to come. Since it is mechanically attached to the basement walls with plastic drilled-in fasteners, the whole installation was completed rather quickly. Our crew also installed an exterior discharge line that will lead excess water away from the home. 

To camouflage the end of the pipe and minimize visible extrusions, we installed one angled YardWell™ outlet. This fixture will allow outflow and prevent objects from entering the pipe. 

Since temperatures in Akron, OH drop during the winter, the discharge pipes could freeze. If this would happen, the water could back up and damage the sump pump. To prevent this from happening, we installed two exterior FreezeGuard™ attachments. These will let water escape the discharge lines even if the pipes freeze or become blocked. 

Since rainstorms are nothing unusual in Akron and the greater Cleveland area, waterproofing a basement is always a wise move. With these measures, the homeowners could convert their basement into a comfortable living area, knowing that problems like those that were bothering them will not occur again. 

installed sump pump

Whether you use your basement as a storage room or you want to finish it and use it as additional living space, protecting it from water damage should be on your to-do list. Here at Ohio Basement Systems, we provide basement waterproofing services to homeowners living in the greater Cleveland area and throughout northern Ohio  

Contact us to schedule a free inspection and repair quote, today. One of our experts will come to your home, assess the situation, and recommend solutions that will suit your home and its repair needs. 

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