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Ohio Basement Systems is now Ohio Basement Authority.  Learn more here.

Crew measuring basement drain

Basement Waterproofing

Mom and child sitting on window nook

What Kind of Mold Do You Have? A Visual Guide Learn More

Are you a homeowner concerned about mold in your house? You’re not alone. Mold is a common problem many homeowners have to deal with, and it can be both unsightly and potentially harmful to your health. But did you know there are many different types of mold, each with unique characteristics and potential risks? That’s […]

Efflorescence on cinderblock wall

Water in The Basement Learn More

Did a summer storm leave water standing in your basement? Here’s how you can clear that water away and prevent similar damage from appearing again.

Paving interior basements drain system,

Want a Trouble-Free Basement Interior Drainage System? Read This First! Learn More

While we all want our basement drainage systems to remain functional for long, you can’t prevent occasional problems that may reduce their performance. It doesn’t help that this system stays hidden in the subfloor. Water or moisture issues may pile up and damage your basement. Your number-one priority is to make sure water is flowing […]

Interior crack under basement window wall

6 Effective Ways to Keep Your Basement Dry in Summer Learn More

When summer arrives in Cleveland, OH, the last thing you want is to walk into a damp, musty, mold-infested basement. How is that possible with all the sweltering heat outside? All these are possibilities if you don’t waterproof this low-lying part of your home. Your once-comfortable and dry basement will feel like a dungeon — […]

basement with open windows

Should I Open or Close Basement Windows in Summer? Learn More

Should I Open or Close Basement Windows in Summer? We’ve grown up knowing that opening windows helps cool a hot room in summer. So, we instinctively feel the same thing when we walk down to the basement and feel it’s hot. While opening the windows can bring down the temperatures and create a hospitable environment […]

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