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10 Reasons Basement Waterproofing Helps You Protect Your Home

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Thinking about waterproofing your basement, but not sure if it’s worth the cost? As it turns out, basement waterproofing does more than keep water out of your basement. Some of the benefits include:

Keeping Water Away From Your Belongings

When moisture makes its way into your basement, it can impact the belongings you have tucked away. If you want to keep your stored items nice and dry, it’s best to prepare both for moisture and for potential flooding. Your local basement repair contractors will be able to walk you through an extensive waterproofing catalog so you can choose the best measures to keep your belongings dry.

Limiting Your Flood Risk

If you don’t tend to your basement, you risk a little bit of moisture transforming into a full-on flood. Protect yourself before the waters start to rise by redirecting them with interior drainage and a sump pump, as well as properly functioning exterior drainage lines.

Preventing The Formation of Mold Clusters

What’s worse than a damp basement? A moldy one. If you opt not to waterproof your basement before the worst of the season’s rains roll in, you may rapidly find yourself dealing with unwanted mold clusters. These clusters do more than just dampen your basement’s image. If left untended, mold clusters can compromise the health of your family. That’s why it’s always best to act before these clusters start to appear.

Reducing Unpleasant Smells

When you purchase a home, you want to be able to enjoy living in it. That’s harder to do when your basement constantly smells musty.

Leaks and cracks in your basement can make your entire home smell unpleasant, even if you’ve cleaned every other corner. If you’re looking to maintain your quality of life, the best way to get ahead of problems like this one is to waterproof your basement upon move-in.

Stopping Infestations Before They Start

Unfortunately, most basement repair contractors can’t help you overcome both a leak and an infestation. But if water’s getting into your home, it’s likely that insects and animals are too. When you waterproof early, you not only keep the water out of your home, but you redirect critters elsewhere.

Protecting Your Home’s Structural Integrity

When hydrostatic pressure builds up around your home, it can do more than cause cracks to form in your basement. If water reaches your foundation, your home may start to sink. Similarly, the structural supports keeping your basement safe may no longer work as well as they once did.

Leveling Your Floors

Even if you have a skater at home, you’re probably not looking to install a skate park in your basement. If you forgo waterproofing solutions, though, you may end up with just that. Hydrostatic pressure can displace your floors and cause hills to form in your basement. While your home-skater may enjoy the new landscape, future buyers will not.

Retaining Your Home’s Original (Or Growing) Value

Considering selling your home? Waterproofing measures will greatly help you. These measures will both protect your home while you’re living in it and help your home retain its overall value. When you waterproof your basement, you may be able to list your home for nearly the same price at which you initially bought it.

Avoiding Unwieldy Insurance Claims

Homeowner’s insurance is unerringly complicated. Most of the time, though, you’ll be able to file a claim with your insurance provider if a basement leak starts to devalue your home. The bad news, though, is that many providers may end up denying your claim.

If you want to avoid claim-related stress, the best thing you can do is to waterproof your home as soon as you move in. This way, the waterproofing measures you have installed can protect your home from the kind of damage that may later compromise your home’s value.

Lowering Your Bills

Some homeowners opt out of waterproofing their basement because they’re afraid of the cost. Did you know, though, that when you don’t waterproof your home, you risk higher bills in the future?

Think of it this way: moisture in your basement makes it more difficult for your climate-control appliances to maintain the overall temperature in your home. As they work harder, your bills will rise. In the same vein, excessive moisture in the air can break down your pipes. If your pipes start to leak, not only is there more moisture in the air, but your water bills will rise. By waterproofing your basement, you’re preserving your future savings.

Are you ready to waterproof your basement? Get in touch with the professional basement repair contractors working in the Cleveland, OH, area today for an inspection and a free quote on any services you may need.

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