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At Ohio Basement Systems, we have studied the pros and cons of waterproofing a basement from the exterior vs. the interior.  After much investigation and many years of installing waterproofing products, we know that an interior system is far superior.  An exterior system is much more prone to clogging, and needing regular improvements and upgrades.

There are many other factors to consider when using an exterior system. In order to waterproof a home’s foundation through exterior excavation, you must dig all the way down to the bottom of the footing. This creates a large, unsightly hole! With this large and unsightly hole, anything and everything in the way has to be removed, including:

  • Sidewalks
  • Porches
  • Decks
  • Landscaping

Next, a hole is dug to the footing — and this is a BIG hole. The mounds of dirt taken out of the hole are dumped in piles on the rest of the yard. Once this has been completed, a proper waterproofing membrane is applied and protective drainage board is laid over it.

A new footing drain is then installed that is just like the one you had before. Most of the soil is back-filled, and any large stones or debris within can strike the basement wall and damage it during the process. This soil is looser and more porous than ever, meaning it will hold even more water. The water will now run down the drainage board and into the footing drain. If you don’t have a steep grade or a deep storm sewer in the street to drain the water,  a sump pump will need to be installed.

Unfortunately, the system is still not made to last! The clogging problem is still there, and in a number of years this drain too will have to be replaced. As the loose backfill will settle over the years, you’ll have to add soil around the foundation. Once this is completed, you can then re-landscape and put things back around the house!

Ohio Basement Systems is an experienced basement waterproofing, foundation repair and crawl space encapsulation company with many years’ working in the field helping homeowners with their basement waterproofing problems. Our products are tested and award-winning. We stand by our commitment to helping customers gain a dry, useable and healthier environment in their basements.

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