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natural weather on your home

Be Prepared for Natural Weather Events in Northern Ohio

Here’s how to prepare for natural weather events to prevent damage to your home.

Ohio is ranked as the top state for worst weather. You’ve experienced it from tornadoes and hail to flooding, heat waves, and blizzards. We’ve got it all!

Even so, Ohio is where we call home. Plus, it’s where we’ve built our homes. So how can we prepare for not only those weather extremes but also the normal seasonal variations?

natural weather events

Protect Your Foundation from Spring and Summer Water Damage

Snowmelt, spring rains, and summer storms can all lead to a great deal of water coming off your roof and soaking the ground around your home’s foundation. 

All that can cause moisture to accumulate around your basement or crawl space. The resulting buildup of hydrostatic pressure will cause water to seep through any cracks or porous materials. That in turn can lead to mold and mildew as well as attracting pests. 

A further challenge is leaking basement windows and window wells without covers or adequate drainage. Make sure your windows are caulked and covers installed.

Excess moisture can be addressed using a dehumidifier. However, that won’t be enough if puddles or worse are accumulating. 

For excess water formation, you’ll need to ensure that any cracks are located and repaired. Follow that by installing a basement interior drainage system including a sump pump system with battery backup to guard against flooding damage during power outages. For crawl spaces, consider similar waterproofing measures as well as complete encapsulation with a vapor barrier to prevent water damage.

Dry Soil Can Also Harm Your Foundation

It’s easy to understand how excess rain can damage a foundation. It’s just as easy for dry soil caused by an extended heatwave or drought to cause settling and cracking. On the other hand, heaving can happen once the moisture returns.

Foundation settling occurs usually within a few years of construction. The soil compresses and the weight of the foundation moves along with the settling soil. 

Foundation heave happens when moisture causes the soil beneath the foundation to expand, thereby pushing up on the foundation. 

Excess settling and heaving eventually lead to cracks in your foundation and all the issues noted above when the rain returns.

Establishing optimized landscape watering can ensure that excess drying in the summer months doesn’t happen around your foundation. The best approach is a system that adjusts for the temperature and moisture to apply just the right amount of water.

Gutters, Downspouts, and Drainage

While you’re considering landscape irrigation, it’s also wise to make sure the grading and slope of the soil move any water away from your home’s foundation. Those considerations also need to take into account the gutters and downspouts, making sure they are free of any obstructions. The downspouts also need to extend away from the foundation, and can even be placed in the ground..

It’s also wise to look over your trees and shrubs, trimming them as necessary to prevent root damage to your foundation as well as falling tree limbs during storms. That includes ice storms in the winter.

Insulate Your Basement or Crawl Space

Preparing for winter weather includes making sure that you have sufficient insulation throughout your home. This can lower your heating costs. At the same time, consider the insulation in your basement or crawl space. That, too, keeps your heating costs down. Plus, it can help prevent frozen and burst pipes and the subsequent flooding.

Natural Weather Events — Be Prepared

Those are the major items to consider in getting your home ready for natural weather events. We at Ohio Basement Systems can also help with a free inspection to look for any issues that could lead to damage to your home’s foundation.

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