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keep your crawl space clean

10 Reasons to Clean Your Crawl Space This Season

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If you have a crawl space, you know how convenient it can be for storage. What isn’t convenient is the need to clean out your crawl space every time the season changes. You probably know well how leaves, water, dirt, and other outdoor creepy crawlies can make their way into even the best cared-for crawl space. If these things will just keep coming back, why bother with the cleaning?

As it turns out, there are several good reasons for you to keep cleaning your crawl space. Let’s break them down as winter comes to Cleveland, OH, so you can find the motivation to keep your crawl space clean.

keep your crawl space clean

Cleaning Reduces Moisture

Crawl spaces, as they exist beneath your home, frequently find themselves exposed to groundwater. As a result, your crawl space may frequently be damp. Believe it or not, there are ways to keep your crawl space from getting uncomfortably wet. These include a variety of waterproofing solutions you can undertake either on your own or with the help of a contractor.

If you want an easy way to reduce the dampness in your crawl space, though, you can clean it out! Take your time and find the areas that tend to collect the most water. Clear them out, fill them up, and install a dehumidifier. When you do, you’ll find less water makes its way toward any belongings you have stored away.

Cleaning Limits Flooding

Likewise, cleaning and filling any cracks in your crawl space makes flooding less likely! By installing vapor mats and ensuring the walls of your crawl space are well-sealed, you’ll be able to confidently use the space as you were meant to.

Cleaning Prevents Rodent or Insect Infestations

If you keep crumbs and other disposable goodies out of your crawl space, you’ll also be less likely to attract rodents and insects. Unfortunately, most crawl spaces are fairly warm, especially in the wintertime. As a result, critters and insects alike will try to make their way indoors to stay warm.

If you consistently clean your crawl space, you’ll be able to a) detect any infestations in advance, and b) work to prevent infestations from taking root. This means keeping non-perishable food reserves safe and up-to-date while also preventing any of it from becoming exposed to the elements. It also means setting traps if you detect any signs of life beyond your own!

Cleaning Gets Rid of Mold

Speaking of forms of life, cleaning your crawl space will also help you prevent mold from taking root. Mold thrives when it has a dark, damp place to rest and reproduce. Unfortunately, if you let a mold infestation go for too long, you may find that it begins to compromise your health. Keep a close eye on your crawl space, then, and be sure to act quickly if you notice a dark mold growth near one of the joints. Your health will thank you for your effort!

Cleaning Makes Your Home Smell Better

Dampness, mold, and critters all make your house smell pretty questionable. If you notice that the scent in the air is changing and that your wallflowers can’t cover it up anymore, it may be time to clean out the crawl space.

Again, keeping your crawl space as dry as possible will help reduce damage and the smells that come with it. Likewise, ensuring no critters or insects can make their way inside will help you keep your home smelling as fresh as a daisy.

Cleaning Increases Your Foundation’s Strength

If too much water makes it into your house through your crawl space, the foundation of your home may begin to suffer damage. This will not only cause your home to start sinking, but it will make it much more difficult to sell in the long run.

By cleaning your crawl space and waterproofing it, you’re keeping your home afloat! Cleveland, OH, is notorious, after all, for its variable weather. While you won’t always be able to keep up, cleaning your crawl space will help you stay on top of any leaks that might compromise the structure of your home.

Cleaning Gives You More Storage Space

Naturally, you can use your crawl space as a storage space. You can keep personal items in these areas as well as tools or things you don’t have a use for. However, you won’t be able to maintain that area as a storage space if your items get damaged when they’re kept there. Keeping your crawl space clean means organizing it when you’ve stored too much inside and preventing water from getting inside!

Cleaning Gets Rid of Unusable Insulation

You may also find your crawl space rapidly damages the insulation that was originally installed in it – especially after it rains. When you clean your crawl space, you can get rid of out-of-date or dirty insulation. Replacing this insulation will, in turn, help you save money on your heating bills while also preserving the health of your home.

Cleaning Lowers Your Bills

Speaking of lowering your bills, when you clean your crawl space, you actively avoid having to call a contractor to help you deal with water damage. By filling wall cracks yourself, installing temporary waterproofing solutions, and otherwise working to keep the space clean, you’re preventing long-term damage. Thus, you avoid long-term expenses. With all the other benefits of cleaning, that’s a win-win!

Cleaning Gives You a Sense of Security

Finally, if you have to go on vacation or leave for a while, a clean crawl space will give you a sense of security. You won’t have to worry about the space flooding while you’re away or otherwise falling into disrepair. Instead, you can enjoy your trip and come home to a house that’s healthy and dampness-free.

Cleaning may be a chore, but it’s worth the effort. The expert team at Ohio Basement Systems can help you repair and encapsulate your crawl space. Get the process started today by contacting us for a free crawl space inspection and repair estimate. If you have a chance, be sure to give your crawl space a once-over before winter comes to Cleveland, OH. Your whole home will thank you!

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