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Signs of Crawl Space Moisture Problems & Benefits of Sealing

Sealing the crawl space in your Cleveland home using a vapor barrier is the best way of keeping it clean, dry, mold-free, and usable.

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As long as you have a crawl space in your Cleveland, OH, home, you can’t ignore what happens in there. After all, it’s typically where your ductwork and electrical wires run and combustion appliance stays. Leave it to deteriorate and your home will become almost unbearable. Crawling insects and pests will come in and take over. Cold air from the outside will make your floors and walls cold while toxic emissions spoil the quality of indoor air.

When Do I Encapsulate My Home?

Condesation water crawl

Crawl space encapsulation is optional. You can choose to seal it or not. However, a time will come when you can’t avoid it. Don’t wait for moisture problems to arise. Take action as soon as you notice these signs:

Sweat on your windows is the first sign that your crawl space needs to be sealed. In a normal home, windows shouldn’t be humid. Condensation is a sign that your home has high moisture levels, the source of which could be the crawl space. If your home is overrun by crawling insects and rodents, it’s a sign that the crawl space is warm and damp. Many critters thrive in humid environments.

Cracks in your foundation should also alert you to the need of encapsulating your crawl space. Otherwise, water will keep seeping into your floor and walls, making them cold. Plus, humidity can cause hydrostatic pressure to build up and damage your foundation.

High energy costs are another tell-tale sign that your crawl space needs sealing. Otherwise, your HVAC system will keep running for a long time and consume more energy.

Lastly, musty odors or smells are other indicators that something isn’t right in your home. Check your crawl space and fix it.

Want to Encapsulate Your Crawl Space?

  1. Crawl space inspection and preparation including dirt clean-up, debris removal, and small repairs
  2. Sealing of gaps, vents, and doors with covers or spray foam to create an airtight space
  3. Crawl space encapsulation using a 20-mil polyethylene vapor barrier
  4. Preventing floods and runoff water by installing an interior perimeter drainage system and sump pump
  5. Moisture control using a self-draining dehumidifier

If you’d like to seal up your crawl space against moisture and make your home unattractive to crawling insects and pests, contact Ohio Basement Systems and request a free crawl space encapsulation quote today. We have the knowledge and experience to insulate and seal your crawl space properly.

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