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Help Prevent Pest Infestation with a Clean Crawl Space

Although they’re great for storage, crawl spaces are prone to problems such as pest infestation. Here’s how to help prevent rodents and insects from nesting there.

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Pests are a common nuisance for all homeowners. No matter the season, rodents, snakes, and various insects will be looking to make their home beneath your floors. And since getting rid of them can be a hefty task on its own, it’s best to try and prevent pest infestation before it occurs. In the following, we’ll explain how a clean crawl space can help deter intruders. 

You Shouldn’t Underestimate Crawl Space Pests  

Unfortunately, even the smallest critters can turn your home upside down and make your home unsafe and uncomfortable for you and your loved ones. Warning signs like dampness can indicate serious defects in your home that can lead to foundation and health problems. Such a damp and dark environment is a perfect place for mold and pest infestation.

If you have pests in your crawl space, you’ll soon experience unpleasant smells. These odors come from urine and droppings that rodents like mice and rats leave behind. However, the problem is not just the smells. Pest feces can affect your family’s health since they carry numerous contagious diseases that can jump from one species to another

Aside from health concerns, pest infestation can lead to structural damage too. No matter if you’re having trouble with rodents or insects, they can cause harm to your belongings, wires, and utility lines. All of this can lead to costly repairs and expensive bills. That’s why it is key to act before it’s too late and keep your crawl space clean and unattractive to pests.

What Kind of Pests Am I Dealing With?  

Here are some of the most common pests in Cleveland, OH:

  • Ants: Being dark and humid, crawl spaces are more than attractive for insects, especially ants. The major problem with this type of pest is that they’re social and live in colonies. With their great numbers, ants will damage the wooden elements in your crawl space in no time as they search for food and a place to shelter. 
  • Crickets: Just like ants, crickets will be looking to nest in the dark and damp environment of your crawl space. They also come in colonies, so you can count on great numbers if you’re dealing with these insects. Crickets will eat almost anything, including fungus, wood, and fabric. 
  • Mice and rats: Although more common in winter, these rodents will be looking to invade your home in the summer months too. The biggest problem with mice and rats is the fact that they carry several diseases that can endanger your family’s health. It is important to pay attention to the signs they leave behind and contact professional help immediately.  
  • Snakes: Even if they won’t necessarily cause structural damage, snakes are the most dangerous pests you can have under your floors. They will look for food in the form of other animals and lay eggs inside the crawl space. 
  • Bees and wasps: In the summer, bees and wasps are a common nuisance around and beneath homes with crawl spaces. Their stings can cause numerous complications if you or any member of your family is allergic. So, it’s necessary to act immediately if you notice them in great numbers.

Aside from these, you can also come in contact with bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, and spiders. While some are less dangerous than others, you shouldn’t overlook any of them if you’re looking to keep your home comfy and safe.

Keeping Your Crawl Space Clean  

Dirt and debris beneath your floors attract all the previously mentioned pests. To make sure your crawl space is clean, hire experts who will take anything degradable out and dispose of it properly. 

You also should keep an eye out for nearby bushes. Trimming them down can make a world of difference. The reason is that numerous pests hide in overgrown foliage. Another important tip is to properly seal your garbage in plastic bags once you throw it out. Also, don’t leave anything on your kitchen table after you eat. Pests will sense leftovers and gather to feast upon them.

The third part of keeping your crawl space unattractive to pests is replacing wet insulation. Over time, insulation will suck up moisture, especially if you have fiberglass. This increases the moisture levels in your crawl space which attracts pests. You should contact professionals to help you install damage-proof insulation to make sure you don’t have this problem ever again.

Some Other Solutions 

Keeping your crawl space clean can help only so much. To make your home uninhabitable for pests, you’ll need to invest in quality encapsulation. This refers to sealing your crawl space to reduce humidity and prevent leaks. As such, it will deter mold growth and make it difficult for pests to get inside. Encapsulation involves conditioning and lining the floors and walls with high-end vapor barriers. Also, make sure to seal crawl space vents and all other openings. 

It’s worthy to also mention traps and pesticides. Mousetraps can be effective if you place them strategically. This means that they should face walls as they’re the main routes where mice and rats travel. On the other hand, pesticides are a proven way to keep pests away from storage units. To apply them, it’s best to contact your local pest control service as these chemicals can be dangerous and put your health at risk. 

If you’re looking to encapsulate and install crawl space vent covers, you can contact Ohio Basement Systems. Schedule your free inspection right now, and our team will be able to evaluate your crawl space and home, then offer high-quality solutions that will help make it safe and healthy living environment.

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