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Crawl Space Repair 101

If you’re having trouble with your crawl space, read on to learn more as we’ll go through the ins and outs of various crawl space repair procedures.

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Whether you’re having a hard time with high humidity, mold and mildew, or your foundation walls are barely keeping it together, realizing that you need professional help can be pretty scary. But that’s okay. No one expects you to know everything about home repairs. That’s why we have professionals, right? 

Nevertheless, it won’t hurt to know a bit about the repairs that may take place in your home. From preparing your crawl space for inspection to the process itself, you should get to know how things work first. We put together this article to explain every detail to you. 

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Things to Do Beforehand 

If you’re living in Cleveland, OH, there’s not much you need to know beforehand. Begin by calling in professionals to help you inspect your crawl space. Because even if doing it yourself sounds tempting, we don’t recommend risking it. Without the proper tools, skills, and experience, you will not be in a position to pull off such repairs. It’s best to leave that to the professionals. 

After the team completes the inspection, there’s one other thing to do. You should make sure you clear all your belongings, as you want to make the whole process as fast and efficient as possible. Moreover, make sure there’s no debris or dirt blocking access points to your crawl space. This way, you’ll ensure they cut right to the chase without any unnecessary confusion. 

Things to Know About Crawl Space Repair 

When it comes to the actual repairs, the things you’ll need to know can vary. After all, the repairs must suit the problem. For example, fixing foundation damage could mean lots of digging, while replacing support beams inside your crawl space might not need any. Still, some things are the same no matter what kind of undertaking the professionals will have to do. 

Here’s what you need to know: 

Structural Repairs 

The first thing the team will work on is structural repairs. Since they’re what makes your house safe and stable, they have priority. On the other hand, aesthetic items come second because they are only meant to make your home look pretty. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about what your house looks like while the process is taking place because the decoration part will follow. 

Tailoring Crawl Space Repairs 

One of the reasons we don’t suggest you do the repairs yourself is the fact that crawl space issues tend to be pretty complex. Unexpected problems can pop up out of nowhere, and the repair team may need to tailor the process along the way. This means they’ll come up with solutions and fixes while working on your home simultaneously. 

Crawl Space Encapsulation 

Water damage is one of the main reasons for crawl space problems. From high humidity levels to flooding and mold, it all comes down to a lack of encapsulation. So, don’t be surprised if your repair team suggests properly encapsulating your crawl space to make sure water doesn’t come through. After all, quality waterproofing will make sure the base of your home stays intact for years to come. 

Things to Know About Post-Repairs 

Finally, we have come to the easy part. If you decide to contact professionals like Ohio Basement Systems for your crawl space repair, there’s not much you’ll need to worry about post-repair. The team will fix everything and clean up the mess afterward. They will leave your home in a way better state than it was before. 

The only thing you’ll need to do yourself is to take back your personal belongings to where they were before repairs began. Before they leave, the team will let you know if there is anything you need to watch out for. But don’t worry, our crew members are professional and serious about the work they do, but they are also friendly and will explain everything in detail. 

The only actual task you’ll have to take care of is keeping your place as nice and tidy as you did before. However, don’t forget to schedule appointments for regular maintenance in the future for your waterproofing system. The more you keep an eye on the state of your home, the less you’ll need future repairs. 

Are you ready to tackle those crawl space problems? Don’t hesitate to contact your local experts at Ohio Basement Systems to schedule a free estimate right now! 

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