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Myths About Foundation Repair

The Truth Amidst Fiction: 6 Myths About Foundation Repair to Ignore

Foundation repair is too expensive, foundation repair will disrupt your life - what are some myths about foundation repair that need busting?

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When it comes to foundation repair, there are several myths that keep homeowners from seeking out contractors when they should. Let’s take a look at some of the industry’s most popular myths and find the truth amidst the fiction.

Myths About Foundation Repair

You Can Damage Your Foundation By Overwatering Your Landscaping

Anyone who’s nervous about damaging their foundation may be reluctant to expose it to more water. If you’ve spent years cultivating elegant landscaping, though, you’d be remiss to let it all wilt. But won’t you expose your foundation to hydrostatic pressure if you overwater your plants?

The short answer is no, for two reasons. The first is that most of the plants around your home with shorter, less intrusive root systems actually work as a natural waterproofing barrier. These roots will gather the water that would otherwise reach your foundation and use it to thrive.

The second reason involves the health of your soil. When Cleveland, OH, soil goes without rain for a while, the soil molecules shrink in size. When the rain finally does come again, the soil won’t be able to absorb as much of it as it would have had the rain been consistent. As a result, more rain will reach your foundation, and your foundation will be more likely to crack.

With that in mind, do try to avoid overwatering your foundation, but you don’t need to worry if you do.

Foundation Repair Costs Too Much

But aren’t foundation repairs wildly expensive? After all, contractors are going to have to dig up your foundation to repair it – right?

Not always. The process through which a contractor repairs your foundation will vary based on the problem you’re dealing with. Not only that, but the cost of repairing your foundation usually won’t be as severe as you think.

Basement repair contractors run small, personalized businesses more often than not. As a result, they’ll have a greater ability to negotiate than larger corporations. If you want to save as much money as possible on your repairs, do your research ahead of time.
 Get free quotes from a number of different contractors and bring those quotes to your meetings. With information about average industry prices at hand, you’ll be able to repair your basement without breaking the bank.

You Can Delay Your Repairs

If your cracked foundation is only letting in a bit of dampness, surely you can wait to have it repaired, right?

Not at all. As soon as you suspect that your foundation may have cracked, you’ll want to reach out to a contractor. The longer you let these problems fester, the more difficult – and more expensive – they’ll be to repair in the future.

Your Home Only Develops Problems When It’s First Built

Your home shouldn’t be developing foundation problems if it’s brand new, right? And if it does start to crack, then that’s the original contractor’s fault, not yours!

That kind of mindset is understandable, but not the one you should bring when thinking about foundation problems and repairs. Foundations of all ages and types can crack when environmental, internal or external pressures grow too severe. While certain foundations, like those made of brick or concrete, are more likely to crack than others, even the best-laid foundation can see its own set of problems.

The key here is not to blame the original contractor or even yourself if your foundation starts to crack. Instead, talk to a local contractor about the waterproofing solutions you can use to better protect your home in the future.

You Can Fix a Leak By Filling It

DIY is all the rage nowadays. Can’t you fix a foundation problem or leak by filling in the crack yourself?

Not at all. While filling in a foundation crack will fix it aesthetically, the core of the problem will remain. You need to reach out to a professional basement repair contractor if you want to keep your home as dry and safe as possible.

You Can’t Sell a Home With Foundation Problems

Looking to sell your home, but worried you might not be able to put it on the market? Never fear. Many homes on the housing market today have foundation problems but have been successfully purchased by ambitious buyers.

How does this process work?

When you reach out to put your house on the market, you’re going to need to state to potential buyers that your home has had foundation problems in the past. If you haven’t fixed these problems, you’re going to need to list them in your ad. As a result, you risk losing up to 30 percent of your home’s market value, but you’ll still be able to make the sale.

Alternatively, you can choose to fix your foundation before putting your home on the market. While your repair costs may force you to budget more carefully than you would have otherwise, you’ll get the full value of your home from future buyers.

Don’t let foundation repair myths prevent you from keeping your home in tip-top shape. If you suspect you have a crack in your foundation, reach out to a
local Cleveland, OH, contractor as soon as possible.

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