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Stair step cracks in interior basement wall

9 Commonly Used Products in Foundation Repairs

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Your home’s foundation supports the entire structure. A damaged foundation can lead to the loss of your home’s structural integrity, which can mean high-cost repairs the longer you neglect the foundation issues. While foundation repair can be a complex process that is best left to professionals, understanding the repair process and products used sets expectations and eases worries.

Here are some solutions used by top foundation repair contractors in Cleveland, OH.

1. Wall Anchors

Hydrostatic pressure can wreak havoc on your foundation walls. As the wet soil continues to press on the walls, the walls will begin to crack and bow inward. For severely damaged walls, wall anchors embedded in stable soil that connect to interior anchor plates by a galvanized steel rod will permanently reinforce the walls and can even help improve them. The interior system can be tightened at intervals to help return the walls back to their original positions.

2. IntelliBrace™ Beams

These specially designed galvanized steel beams are similar to wall anchors in that they can help improve severely damaged walls. They are best to use when there is limited exterior access for foundation repairs.

3. Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber provides lightweight, stronger-than-steel protection to your home. These heavy-duty supports firmly adhere to the foundation walls to stabilize and hold them in their current positions. They are low-profile, so they can easily be concealed during basement finishing. Carbon Fiber supports are best to use on walls with minimal cracking and movement.

4. IntelliJack™ Crawl Space Supports

If your floors are sagging and feel bouncy, don’t settle for a lightweight support jack. You need the strength of the IntelliJack™ system to better reinforce sagging crawl space or basement floors and floor joists. These galvanized steel supports that can help lift floors back to level, and each support jack has an allowable load capacity of more than 24,000 pounds.

5. Push Piers

Foundation settlement and sinking occur when dry soil causes shrinking and loss of foundation support. Steel piers like push piers that are driven through a bracket attached to the foundation footing and down to bedrock or stable soil provide a proven underpinning solution. Along with stabilizing the foundation, these piers also can help lift the structure back to its original position.

6. Helical Piers

These piers are similar to push piers in their purpose, but their installation is slightly different. These round-shaft piers are mechanically “screwed” into the ground, and they are best used on lightweight structures.

7. Slab Piers

These pier family members function and can be installed the same way as the other piers, but slab piers are used specifically for homes and structures with a concrete slab foundation.

8. PolyRenewal™

The unique PolyRenewal™ concrete lifting and leveling system, which is similar to mudjacking but not as invasive and much more quick and reliable, also can be used in foundation repair. This method is typically used on cracking and settling outdoor concrete such as sidewalks, driveways, and patios. But it also can be used to repair and protect areas such as slab floors and garage floors.

9. Flood Vents

In areas where flooding is a concern, flood vents can be installed to proved a path through foundation walls so water pressure can equalize inside and outside the foundation.

Looking to fix the foundation of your Cleveland, OH, home? Not sure how much repairs will cost? Get in touch with the expert team at Ohio Basement Systems today to schedule a free foundation inspection and repair estimate. Our professionals will be able to evaluate your home’s foundation and provide you with various repair options. OBS to find out what options you have for repairs.

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