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caring for your basement

5 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Basement Healthy This Autumn

These five simple tips will help you keep your basement secure and dry as winter begins to bite.

Fall is a magical time in Cleveland, OH. The cooler weather brings bright, fresh days and a kaleidoscope of changing colors in the trees. It also heralds the oncoming winter rains and snows, however, and that makes it a perfect time to start preparing your home to withstand the worst of the Ohio weather. 

If you take the right steps to protect your home, you can prevent all kinds of internal and structural damage. Better yet, most of the steps we recommend are easy, quick and cost-effective, meaning you won’t have to break the bank to keep your home intact. 

caring for your basement

5 Important Fall Maintenance Tasks 

These five simple maintenance tasks will ensure your home is prepared and protected this fall and winter. 

1. Clear Out Your Gutters 

Your gutters are significant when it comes to keeping your foundation free from excess water, especially in the fall and winter. As such, taking the time to clean out your gutters in the fall to rid them of leaves and debris is incredibly important to the health of your home. Better yet, it is incredibly easy to do. All you need is a ladder, gardening gloves, a gutter scoop, a trash bag, and your garden hose. 

2. Reposition Your Downspouts 

Your downspouts are an important part of your gutter and drainage system, so you should take time to ensure no one has accidentally disconnected them and no debris is blocking them. If they have shifted, be sure to reposition them in a way that will direct water away from your perimeter. 

If your downspouts shift regularly, however, you could speak to local contractors about underground downspouts. These are more difficult to displace than above-ground versions but will need professional intervention when it comes to unclogging them. 

3. Reseal Basement Windows 

Your basement windows are integral to letting in light, but they are also points of structural weakness for your basement. Checking the seals around your windows in fall is one good way to ensure you don’t have any nasty surprises coming your way. While you do this, you should also check that the drainage lines for your window wells are unblocked. 

4. Waterproof Your Basement 

If the last few winters have seen your basement taking on water, it may be time to consider getting a professional to waterproof your basement or crawl space. There are many different waterproofing options to suit all homes and budgets; from interior drainage to vapor barrier installation to sump pump upgrades, Ohio Basement Systems can walk you through each option, the costs associated with them, and the pros and cons. 

5. Avoid DIY Crack Filling 

Finding cracks in your home can be a little daunting, but you should resist the urge to attempt a DIY fix. While filling a crack can be quite easy, the underlying cause could be very serious indeed. Instead of trying to paste over cracks, investigate the causes to make sure your home is safe and stable going forward. 

Get a Professional Home Inspection 

If you’re worried you may have water damage or foundational issues in your home, the best possible thing you can do is request a home inspection. Luckily for you, Ohio Basement Systems offers free inspections in Cleveland, OH. 

A full home inspection from this team of experts is incredibly useful because it allows you to identify a range of problems and potential issues before they snowball and cause real damage. For example, your inspector will check your sump pump and dehumidifier to ensure they are working well and do not need repairs or upgrades. They will also check the health of your foundation and walls to make sure your home is structurally sound. If you have issues with dampness or mold, they will identify the cause and suggest effective, affordable solutions specific to your home’s needs, and these will be detailed in a free repair quote.

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