Learn more about Ohio Basement Systems' recent work requests in Youngstown, OH
Vicinity of Brockton Drive in Youngstown
Hello - We have some water coming into our basement (approximately 1/8 inch, takes about 10 towels to dry upon each rain) via a small hole that has developed within a piece of soft wall that exists below our fireplace. We suspect there is over-saturation of water from the outside that is now making its way to our basement, as during rains, the water slopes towards our house as the ground is negatively graded towards our fireplace/side of house. Additionally, there is suspicion that there is a broken/leaking downspout drain in this vicinity that could be adding to this problem. We would appreciate an evaluation of this issue to see what options we have to remediate the flooding, potentially including the excavation and grading of the exterior side of our house. Thank you!
Vicinity of Jeanne Lynn Ave in Youngstown
Looking to have our sump pump hole dug correctly so a crock can be installed
Vicinity of INDIANOLA RD in Youngstown
Would like to finish my basement and convert it to a bedroom with bathroom.
Vicinity of Forest Hill Dr in Youngstown
Foundation leakage
Vicinity of Cider Mill Crossing in Youngstown
Dampness and looking to finish space for storage, living space, and workout area.
Vicinity of S Bon Air Avenue in Youngstown
I have a scary crawl space. I need some professional opinions on how to fix it.
Vicinity of Mill Creek Blvd in Youngstown
Want our sump pump replaced
Vicinity of Country Club Dr in Youngstown
Finished waterproof basement is my desire.
Vicinity of Simon Rd in Youngstown
Basement is leaking
Vicinity of Ridgelawn Ave in Youngstown
Just bought our home and the stairs are sagging and pulling away from stair foundation and it's carpeted. We have bad knees and cannot maneuver up and down a lot of stairs. We would like a simple platform and no more than 3 stairs at the bottom.( if possible) There's also a hole in the basement ceiling that the previous owner could not repair before purchase. I can take pictures of both to save time.
Vicinity of Kiwatha Rd in Youngstown
Smell room in basement.
Vicinity of Applecrest Ct in Youngstown
Water in my basement when it rains in one area.
Vicinity of E. Montrose Street in Youngstown
Water concerns for doing my basement.
Vicinity of St Andrews Dr in Youngstown
Basement has never had a water issue before but I see spots where water is coming in
Vicinity of W. LaClede Ave in Youngstown
My basement is very moist the smell is becoming to much to deal with and I have small children in the home. I need an estimate and possible payment plan as soon as possible
Vicinity of Glenridge Rd in Youngstown
Water leakage in basement
Vicinity of Huntington Drive in Youngstown
Im looking to make my sump pumps system bullet proof.
Vicinity of Rush Blvd in Youngstown
We have some leaks and cracks. We recently purchased this home and wanted to get the basement finished and recently with all the rain there had been some water getting in. We would like to get the basement waterproofed and finished.
Vicinity of Waseka Lane in Youngstown
Looking for estimate to waterproof my basement.
Vicinity of Overlook Ave in Youngstown
I have water coming in one corner of my basement. It is a slow, by consistent leak at the top of the block wall.
Vicinity of Morningside Dr in Youngstown
We are trying to sell our home. The home has been on the market for 1 year. Now the basement is showing signs of water leaking in the corners.
Vicinity of Cover Drive in Youngstown
We moved into our home in March. After moving in, we found that we have mold in our basement. It is visible in areas that were not painted over. We also have yellowing on the paint on the walls in the basement and the paint is separating from the wall. There has been water running down the walls at times.
Vicinity of Compton Lane in Youngstown
Water leaking through basement walls and frequent molding
Vicinity of Swallow Hollow in Youngstown
Want to ensure my basement does not get water in.
Vicinity of Duncan Ln in Youngstown
Horizontal crack in basement wall with a little bowing
Vicinity of in Youngstown
Water in the basement, needing an stimate on the best system to have a dry basement
Vicinity of San Pedro Ct. in Youngstown
No concerns. Interested in Finishing. Would like a quote on updating my basement. Painting the paneling, replacing the ceiling tiles, replacing lighting if that is a service you provide. Basement is dry and in good shape just needs some TLC. Thanks!!
Vicinity of Sharon Drive in Youngstown
Two steps to my front door are sinking. They have sunk nearly three inches in the last year.
Vicinity of Harvard Place in Youngstown
Basement leak
Vicinity of Bishop Road in Youngstown
Animals have damaged basement insulation. Water problems on south wall of basement. Efflorescence on basement walls. In general, basement needs redoing.
Vicinity of Stillson Pl in Youngstown
Selling my home and the home inspection showed that there is some wood on floor joists, rim joists, and some floor boards to to water/moisture. I need to have a professional asses the issue and quote a repair. -Dan
Vicinity of Lockwood Blvd in Youngstown
Basement wall leaking in one area through seam crack in the block
Vicinity of Norwood in Youngstown
Water in basement when it rains
Vicinity of Euclid Blvd in Youngstown
Basement waterproofing and mold
Vicinity of Pasadena Ave in Youngstown
Home owner & would like an free estimate on basement water proofing,basement finishing,crawl space repair & foundation repair
Vicinity of Struthers-Liberty Rd. in Youngstown
My sister and I are powers-of-attorney selling my grandmother's home. There is an issue in the basement we intend to fix before putting it up for sale.
Vicinity of Green Glen Dr in Youngstown
I want to begin basement finish project.
Vicinity of Stark Dr. in Youngstown
I have joint cracks my basement walls. i would like to get a estimate.
Vicinity of Cascade Dr in Youngstown
Last year I purchased a home that has some water coming into the basement. I am looking for some basement waterproofing
Vicinity of Rexford Rd in Youngstown
Need my basement waterproofed
Vicinity of Mount Vernon Ave in Youngstown
I live in an older home, built in 1918. I bought it in September, so this is my first winter there. Since it has been raining, and the snow unthawing, my basement has streams of water coming in through the bottom of the walls. It is only in about three areas, but I would like to get the basement finished and this is causing me a lot of problems.
Vicinity of Crum Road in Youngstown
I am interested in getting professional advice and a free estimate on a home I am considering for purchase.
Vicinity of Canon Rd in Youngstown
I moved into my house3 years ago, another company water proofed 3/4 of the house and discovered that the addition is sinking on 2 sides and pulling from the house. Looking for free estimates on repairing this before it gets worse.
Vicinity of Hunters Gln in Youngstown
Vicinity of Euclid Blvd in Youngstown
Seeing some potential signs of foundation trouble, looking to get some expert opinions and options. Thanks!
Vicinity of S.Garland Ave in Youngstown
Vicinity of W Florida Ave in Youngstown
Mold in basement want my basemnet finished and waterproofed
Vicinity of Liberty Rd in Youngstown
Concrete patio sinking and vollecting water
Vicinity of S Cadillac Dr in Youngstown
Vicinity of N Four Mile Run Road in Youngstown
There is moderate dampness and water seepage at the base of a concrete wall in the basement. This issue is limited to one wall in a small storage room. The basement and attached crawl space are unfinished.
Vicinity of Ravine Dr in Youngstown
Wooden beams in basement are causing living room and floors upstairs to be uneven and dip in some areas.
Vicinity of Taft Ave in Youngstown
I need an inspection in my basement my house smells like the basement and the basement is always wet I need proof that this smell is definitely mold. It rains inside of the basement
Vicinity of Ottawa Dr in Youngstown
Need exterior in ground waterproofing
Vicinity of Devonshire Drive in Youngstown
I would like to build a nice sized room in my basement that isn't finished. The plan is to have an in-home studio for producing and mixing audio, and then i would like to have a smaller room built within the new room to serve as a vocal recording booth. Also I would like to try to make this room as soundproof as possible so that neighbors or anyone inside of the house wouldn't be disturbed with all the noise that would be made.
Vicinity of Hillman St in Youngstown
Foundation has cracks and is bowing in.
Vicinity of Tulane Ave in Youngstown
Crumbling blocks on front porch need repaired
Vicinity of Crestview Drive in Youngstown
Wet basement
Vicinity of E Liberty St in Youngstown
Quick review. My basement bathroom is a step up and has waste all under the floor. I need the bathroom floor ripped up and a new one put in maybe cement.
Vicinity of Goleta Ave. in Youngstown
Structural shifting of foundation and brick over and around basement crawl space.
Vicinity of Redgate Ln in Youngstown
This is my moms home. It is a slab home. Water is coming into the back room from the bottom of the wall. Not sure what the problem is. We cleaned the spouting but water still is coming in.
Vicinity of Michael Drive in Youngstown
I have a garage floor in which has partially sank and cracked which needs leveling. Additional information: How did you hear about us?: Internet Search
Vicinity of Mistletoe in Youngstown
I have moisture on basement walls and drylock is not locking it out.
Vicinity of Afton Ave in Youngstown
I have water that weeps through the basement walls and at times up through the floor. Would like a free estimate some time when you are in the area. Thanks Additional information: How did you hear about us?: Internet Search
Vicinity of Olson Avenue in Youngstown
I have a couple of cement slabs in my driveway that need lifted. What do you charge for this?
Vicinity of Arbor Circle in Youngstown
Buckling in the basement in two different places need repaired Additional information: How did you hear about us?: Internet Search
Vicinity of Broadview in Youngstown
Leaks in brick basement walls
Vicinity of Tippwood Ct. in Youngstown
We have a step crack in our basement foundation wall and would like to get repaired.
Vicinity of Mcguffy Rd in Youngstown
Water seems to come in 1 basement at first we thought it was coming from the flashing around the chimney so we had that repaired but thats not the problem we need your help !!!!!!!!!!! Additional information: How did you hear about us?: Internet Search
Vicinity of Glacier Heights Rd in Youngstown
I have stains and a musty smell in my basement and I think it needs to be waterproofed and ventilated
Vicinity of Fox Hunt Ct. in Youngstown
Would like to finish walls, floor, and ceiling. Upgrade our basement.
Vicinity of Kiowa Dr in Youngstown
Basement wall bowing due to warer damage and tree root damage only one exterior wall with damage what would the est. Cost be to fix rhis?
Vicinity of Shields Rd in Youngstown
One wall in my basement is bowed. my wife and I are trying to sell and our new agent felt this could be an issue. I have owned the house for nearly ten years. the wall has not changed in that time. A home inspector told me that is nothing to worry about becuase of the age of the home. the home itself was built in 1959. I am looking for someone to either confirm or not so we can sell this house.
Vicinity of Colleen Dr in Youngstown
Need est on repairing concrete sub floor in the basement of my home. there is a crack that has raised the concrete up about a 1/4in throughout the level of the house. please contact me to setup a date and time to give me an est so that we can being repairs asap. Additional information: How did you hear about us?: Internet Search
Vicinity of Franklin Ave in Youngstown
Leaky basement, leak in upstairs bedroom How did you hear about us: radio
Vicinity of Medford Ave in Youngstown
Extreme bowed basement wall
Vicinity of Arbor in Youngstown
I am looking for an estimate for some minor cracking & water sepage. I am looking at the week of May 9th-13th in the afternoon (after 3:30pm if possible). Thank you.
Vicinity of Bent Willow Lane in Youngstown
I have a few questions. Please give me a call. TY
Vicinity of Edenridge Drive in Youngstown
Occasional flooding with heavy rains (through floor cracks), mold growth on base of block walls
Vicinity of Chaney Circle in Youngstown
Both cracking (Horizontal) and shifting occurring in my small ranch home.
Vicinity of N Glenellen Ave in Youngstown
My basement walls have stains and mold. Small trickles of water about 1 inch wide appear in several places when it rains, but it is really hard to see exactly where the water is coming in. The floors slope down to a drain. The house was built in 1926. I purchased it in November, 2007.
Vicinity of Upland Ave. in Youngstown
Our basement is in very poor shape! When it rains a lot it looks like a water fall on the one wall!! We are trying to use it for storage and for a laundry room, but it is really hard when the floor is wet most of the time. I don't even know if it could be fixed! Drawing: This customer requested to be signed up for the Basement drawing. Referred by: WFHM
Vicinity of Rutledge Drive in Youngstown
I will be a 1st time Home Buyer. The Bass Home Inspection Agent is concerned with the obvious bowing on the same side as the concrete driveway. So much so that the window is very noticebly slanted. He recommends a masonary contractor, or structural engineer further evaluate structure on the East Wall. Grading: Flat Improper soil slope towards foundation. Concrete portions of driveway drains toward structure. Slopeage can contribute to moisture or water penetration in basement.