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Foundation Repair in Akron, OH

Wall cracks are more than just cosmetic nuisances. They often mean your foundation is damaged and in need of repair. Permanent solutions from Ohio Basement Systems will help restore and protect your home’s foundation.

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Foundation Repair in Akron, OH

The foundation is crucial to your Akron, OH, home’s security. However, this can be challenging due to the region’s sometimes unstable silty loam soil, frequent precipitation, and humidity. Foundations built on unstable soil are prone to shifting and settling, which will make a home unsafe to live in. Damage such as bowing walls and uneven floors will make this obvious. Even if these issues are prevalent, you shouldn’t have to tolerate their dangers. 

Repairing your foundation is vital, but it’s something you shouldn’t tackle by yourself. For more than 20 years, Ohio Basement Systems has helped homeowners throughout Akron and Northeast Ohio restore their home’s value and structural soundness with our long-lasting foundation repairs. We are excited to assist you, as well, so your foundation and home will last a lifetime. 


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Our professional production crew installs patented, American-made solutions in each home with care and strives to leave the area better than we found it.

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Foundation Problem Signs in Akron

Most foundation problems throughout your Akron home will be clearly visible and easy to spot. Some telltale signs that your home’s foundation needs repair include wall cracks, bowing walls, tilting chimneys, uneven floors, cracked bricks, sagging crawl spaces, wall and floor gaps, stuck windows and doors, and drywall nail pops. None of these issues will improve on their own but will only get worse the longer they continue. They’ll also lead to additional damage and safety hazards, and cost more to repair in the long run. Contact Ohio Basement Systems for a thorough foundation evaluation as soon as you notice them. 

Causes of Foundation Damage in Akron

Environmental factors like Akron’s soil and weather are at the root of foundation issues, even though there are other causes as well. Akron features predominantly silty loam soil, as well as some silty clay loam and gravelly loam. How soil interacts with foundations depends on how damp the soil is. Silt loam’s loose particles are more prone to washout, and soils will also expand when wet and contract when dry, particularly if there is more clay present. Since Akron receives an average of 38 inches of rain and 42 inches of snow per year, soil moisture remains constant. Overly saturated soil will result in hydrostatic pressure on the walls, which will cause them to buckle, crack, and leak. The foundation may also sink into cavities created by damp and mushy soil, dry and shrinking soil conditions, or tree roots

Foundation Repair Solutions in Akron

Your Akron home needs its own unique foundation repair solutions, as every home and its foundation are different. Ohio Basement Systems offers a variety of customizable, durable repairs that ensure structural stability. We will use one of our piering or underpinning methods, such as push piers, helical piers, or slab piers, to stop foundation settling. Troublesome basement walls will be strengthened and prevented from moving in the future with the use of carbon fiber straps, wall anchors, or specialized wall braces. Crawl Space supports will also repair and stabilize sinking floors and floor joists. 

Why Choose Ohio Basement Systems?

An unsteady foundation negatively impacts the stability and value of your Akron home, as well as the health and safety of your family. By having trustworthy repairs installed, you can eliminate these threats. With Ohio Basement Systems’ assistance, you can permanently solve the underlying causes of your foundation problems. All our long-term solutions are tailored to your home’s needs and protected by comprehensive, transferrable, and nationally backed warranties. Thousands of Akron residents have entrusted their foundations to our experienced team, and we are ready to help you fix and protect your home for good. 

The risks and costs associated with foundation issues will increase as they become worse over time. But you can halt an unstable foundation in its tracks with the greatest remedies from the most dependable experts in Akron. Contact us right now to book your free foundation inspection and repair estimate. 

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