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Causes of Your Wet Basement

Over the span of your home’s life, your basement can experience problems such as flooding, moisture-related issues, and mold growth. All directly affect your home and its structure. Learn more about what causes basement water damage and how OBS can help!

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If you’re regularly experiencing issues such as condensation, high indoor humidity, mold growth, sticking windows or doors, or musty smells in your home, your basement may be the answer. Your basement can fall under attack when moisture or water is able to permeate its structure. If left to worsen, water can cause a slew of damage to your walls, floors, and the rest of your home. For homeowners in Cleveland, heavy snow in the winter can worsen your basement water damage. It’s important to know the reasons why and always address the root of the problem to protect your basement for good.  

wet basement problems

Reasons Why Your Basement is Wet 

Here are some of the common causes of your basement water management issues. 

flooding around home

Ineffective Gutters and Downspouts 

Another system that shouldn’t be overlooked when noticing basement water damage is your gutters. If your gutters aren’t properly functioning, it could lead to pools around your foundation which can leak into your basement through cracks or the cove joint. When your gutters or downspouts become clogged with debris or separate at the joints, any water that can’t pass through effectively will overflow onto your yard and around your foundation. This can result in hydrostatic pressure and water in your home, especially if your foundation already has small cracks within it. It’s important to regularly inspect your gutters for any signs of damage or debris. Making sure they’re in good condition can save your basement from damage.  

bowing foundation wall

Hydrostatic Pressure 

Northern Ohio commonly experiences rainy spring and summer months that saturate the ground with water. This wet weather, coupled with the region’s notoriously poor draining clay and silty soil, can wreak havoc on your home in the form of hydrostatic pressure. As we’ve just described, your gutters and downspouts often are your first line of defense in capturing excess water around your home. If the ground next to and underneath your basement and foundation becomes too saturated with water, hydrostatic pressure begins to form and exert a great amount of force on your walls. This results in cracks, bowing walls, water and moisture intrusion, and even flooding and potential wall failure. 

water on basement floor

Internal Leaks 

Water is a powerful force, and it can easily find its way into your basement from the outdoors. It also can be an internal problem originating from frozen or burst plumbing pipes, failing appliances like washers, a leaking water heater, and faulty sump pump systems. Keeping up with inspecting and maintaining these systems is important for their function and longevity, as well as keeping your basement dry. 

Don’t Suffer from Basement Water Damage. Let the Team at OBS Restore Your Home! 

Tired of musty smells throughout your home? Noticing mold and mildew growing on your walls or wet floors in your basement? It’s time to give the professionals at Ohio Basement Systems a call. Our team specializes in basement waterproofing and foundation repairs and has been protecting homes since 1999. If you suspect your basement is at risk of water damage, our experts can come to your home for a free inspection and diagnose the root of the problem. Afterward, we’ll provide you with a written estimate of tailored solutions for your home. Don’t wait any longer to get water out of your basement. Contact us today! 

We’re proudly committed to serving homeowners in Cleveland, Akron-Canton, Youngstown, Mansfield, and nearby. 

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