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Signs of Basement Problems

Heavy rain shouldn’t be the downfall of your basement. Explore common basement problem signs and how Ohio Basement Systems can help.

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For many Ohio homeowners, having a dingy, wet basement can feel like par for the course. However, this damage is not normal, and can have an adverse effect not only on the structure of your home but the health of all who live there.

Keep reading to learn more about basement problem signs, and why basement waterproofing is the solution you need.

Signs That You Need Basement Waterproofing  


Condensation is also known as “sweating”, and describes water droplets collecting around your egress windows, ceiling, or pipes. As the temperature of your basement fluctuates, the humidity and moisture collects on the cooler objects in your basement.  

If you see these droplets in your basement, it is a sign that humid air and excess moisture is creeping into your basement and may even point to an existing leak.  

Mold and Mildew 

Mold and mildew are dead giveaways that you have a major moisture and humidity problem in your basement. Mold can form anywhere in your finished or unfinished basement, most notably behind objects pressed on walls, on your possessions, and even on important structures like wooden joists and beams.  

Mold is not only dangerous for your health but can be extremely detrimental to the structural integrity of your home. Mold can break down and even soften the load-bearing structures that your basement and home need to survive.  

Musty Odors 

Many homeowners believe that basements naturally have a musty smell; however, this isn’t true. While you may have experienced many stinky basements, this is because it’s a common issue for too much water and moisture to collect in basements.  

This sets off a domino effect of mold and mildew forming, which causes an unpleasant smell. While some may be able to overlook this issue, it alludes to much bigger problems hiding behind the stench.  

Your Allergies or Asthma Worsen 

What happens in your basement, doesn’t stay in your basement. If you’ve got a mold problem, the air that lives in your basement will infiltrate your house. With it, toxic, unclean air that can severely affect you and your family. 

As mold spores travel from your basement to the rest of the house, it can cause serious allergic reactions and even exasperate asthma.  


Efflorescence is the white, chalky residue left on your basement walls as a sign of water evaporation. As water leaks or sweats from your basement walls, it soaks up the salt from the construction materials. Once the water evaporates from the walls, it leaves behind crystalline salt deposits.  

Efflorescence is a sign that water once was there. It can also indicate that it will soon come back again.  

Failing or Poor-Quality Sump Pump 

Poor quality sump pump drainage systems are intended to preventively drain any excess water away from the perimeter of your basement. When this waterproofing system is high-quality and fully functioning, you shouldn’t have issues in your basement.  

However, if you or the installers decided to cut corners on the quality of the sump pump system or installation, then it will be like you never had waterproofing measures to begin with. 

Basement Leaks 

Basement leaks are the most obvious sign that you need basement waterproofing solutions in your home. If you notice water damage around your walls, puddles forming in your floor or even flooding, it’s time to take action. 

Basement leaks are typically set into action by the soil around your home, as it expands during a heavy rain, creating wall cracks or overwhelming your drainage systems to the point of burnout. With basement crack repair you may see this problem dissolve immediately.  

Leaky basements will only get worse with time, so if you notice any of these issues, call your local waterproofing experts at OBS! Explore more basement problem signs below. 

Is Waterproofing My Wet Basement Worth It? 

 The cost to not repair your basement will ultimately be more than if you were to install preventive measures. Repair services, although an investment, are meant to promote a dry basement and help you avoid destruction of your home’s important structures.

How Long Does Basement Waterproofing Last? 

Basement waterproofing is a multi-faceted solution that lasts depending on the suite of different solutions that you choose. However, most solutions provided by Ohio Basement Systems are meant to be long-term, and last for decades with consistent maintenance. We also ensure to target the root of your problems the first time, so that you won’t have to revisit repairs in the future.  

We equip all our customers with nationally backed warranties that protect you and your home in case of a product malfunction. We’re proud to do it in service of making you feel confident about our waterproofing services.  

Call Ohio Basement Systems For A Free Estimate 

We’re more than just a basement waterproofing company–we have years of experience in whole-home repairs and will help you with the solution that you need. Certified field inspectors will assess your home to ensure that our basement repairs solve the root of the problem. 

Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, Ohio Basement Systems is your go-to for all things basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, and foundation repair. We even offer annual maintenance to ensure your repairs continue to benefit you. Get started on your basement improvement journey today! 

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