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Basement Dehumidifiers

A dehumidifier from Ohio Basement Systems makes it easy to control humidity in even the most challenging basement conditions.

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OBS Dehumidifier

A cost-effective solution for drying a damp basement

A damp basement that’s left untreated can cause musty odors, basement mold and mildew. This can cause health problems and affect the air quality throughout your home. Even with a waterproofing system, basement dampness can still be a problem.

Investing in a dehumidifier is a cost-effective way to dry your damp basement. A dehumidifier from Ohio Basement Systems makes it easy to control humidity in even the most challenging basement conditions.

Advantages of our basement dehumidifiers

  • Super efficient – Our dehumidifiers are ENERGY STAR® rated and use the same amount of energy as standard dehumidifiers.
  • No water tank or reservoir to empty – these models are designed to drain into a sump pump or to pump condensate outdoors.
  • Air filtration – A built-in air filter traps dust, mold spores and other particulates for cleaner air.
  • High-performance – our dehumidifiers are rated at 95 pints per day minimum capacity.
  • Duct compatible – The dehumidifer can be located in an unfinished space and connected to the living area with ducts.
  • Easy humidity control – Our dehumidifiers have a built-in humidistat and digital controls that allow you to set the target humidity level and let the machine do the rest.

Choosing the right dehumidifier for your basement

drainage tube on dehumidifier

A suitcase-size household dehumidifier has a fairly small fan that blows moist air over an equally small cooling coil. While this type of unit can perform effectively in an upstairs room, it’s vastly overmatched by the basement’s size, humidity level and lower temperatures.

Our dehumidifiers are at their best under the worst basement conditions. With our dehumidifier, you simply get more of everything: greater drying capacity, more durable, reliable performance, improved energy efficiency, and the added benefit of air cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions About Basement Dehumidifiers

Basement dehumidifiers can be an extremely important part of fixing your basement. What should you know about choosing and installing a dehumidifier?

Even though a basement dehumidifier can be extremely effective when handling the dampness left behind after your basement floods, it shouldn’t be the only way you try to fix flooding in your basement. A basement dehumidifier can’t pump out standing water; you’ll need to use a sump pump to get the water out the right way first.

Some people try to install a basement dehumidifier instead of fixing small leaks and other water entry issues in their basement. Even though a basement dehumidifier can help you avoid secondary problems arising from these small leaks, fixing the leaks at their origin will save water and avoid the possibility of complete basement flooding.

Choosing the right dehumidifier isn’t as easy as it might sound at first. Although room-sized dehumidifiers can be effective in upstairs rooms, they’re no match for the dampness that many basements naturally end up with. You need to choose a specially made basement dehumidifier to make sure it effectively dehumidifies the area.

The rise of DIY fixes has made many people choose DIY solutions over calling in an expert. Although this is extremely useful for small problems that don’t necessarily need the expertise of a professional, a dehumidifier is another question. Request a free estimate today to get more information about dehumidifier installation in your basement.

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