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SafeDri UltriPro Triple Sump Pump System
SafeDri UltriPro Triple Sump Pump System

SafeDri™ Triple Product Features & Advantages

  • Three-pump system adjusts automatically to meet pumping requirements
  • Battery-powered pump protects from flooding during power outages
  • Removable, airtight lid reduces noise and allows for easy inspection/service

Keeps your basement dry in extreme conditions and power outages

The SafeDri™ Triple sump pump system keeps your basement dry with triple the protection. Most sump pumps fail because of either a failed pump, a pump that can’t handle high volumes of water or power failure. The SafeDri™ Triple assures protection from all three sump pump problems.

How the SafeDri™ Triple works

A unique “figure eight” design allows all three submersible pumps to fit perfectly in a single sump liner. With the SafeDri™ Triple system, you don’t have to worry about high pumping demands that can overwhelm or burn out single-pump systems. And if there’s a power outage, your SafeDri™ Triple system will keep operating, thanks to the SafeDri™ battery-powered backup pump.

When choosing a sump pump system for your home, there are several features to consider. Ohio Basement Systems’ pumping systems include an alarm, watertight cover and check valve. Learn more about the sump pump accessories that are included in all of our sump pump systems.

3 pumps make this system triple safe

  • Pump 1 is a heavy-duty 1/3 horsepower (HP) cast-iron pump that does most of the pumping, handling up to 2,600 gallons of water per hour.
  • Pump 2 is a 1/2 HP pump that operates automatically if Pump 1 fails or if greater pumping volume is needed (up to 6,200 gallons per hour).
  • Pump 3 is a battery-operated pump that turns on automatically if power fails.

Frequently Asked Questions About the SafeDri™ Triple Sump Pump System

The SafeDri™ Triple sump pump system is a great option for many homeowners. What do you need to know about this innovative sump pump?

This is a common question for homeowners with sump pumps. The answer is a bit complicated. Of course, you shouldn’t worry unduly; your sump pump should be a source of comfort, not anxiety. However, if you have a sump pump, you need to make sure it’s the best on the market; otherwise, there’s a very real chance that it could fail.

Sump pumps typically fail either because the pump itself gives out or the pump can’t handle the high volumes of water it’s experiencing. A triple sump pump solves both those problems. With this pump, you can be sure that your pump will keep working even if it experiences issues along the way.

With the unique “figure eight” design from the SafeDri™ Triple sump pump, you can experience the advantages of three submersible pumps in a single sump liner. It allows the pump to handle high pumping demands, which often wear out single-pump systems. Plus, it has a battery-powered backup pump, which means the pump won’t fail even if you have a power outage.

If you’re looking to choose the SafeDri™ Triple sump pump, you’ll need to have it installed by a certified contractor nearby. You can request a free quote from Ohio Basement Systems today to learn more about your options.

Looking for SafeDri™ Triple product pricing?

The SafeDri™ Triple sump pump system is available exclusively from a certified installer in your area. Contact Ohio Basement Systems today to request a consultation and get a free cost estimate on professional installation.

Looking for a price? Get a no cost, no obligation free estimate.

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