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SafeDri Sump pump alarm

Sump Pump Alarm System

A sump pump alarm is designed to sound off like a smoke detector when water gets where it doesn’t belong.

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Product Features & Advantages

SafeDri Sump pump alarm
  • Alerts if water rises above point where pump should turn on
  • Sounds similar to a household smoke detector
  • Provides ample warning to address the problem before damage occurs

Early alert to help prevent basement or crawl space flooding

An alarm is designed to sound off like a smoke detector when water gets where it doesn’t belong. Powered by a standard battery, the alarm will provide an early alert that can help you avert a damaging flood in your basement or crawl space.

Choose from two models: Sump pump alarm or floor alarm

Two types of alarms are available from your Ohio Basement Systems dealer:

The sump pump alarm is included with any new sump pump system installed by your local dealer. This specialized alarm rests on top of the airtight sump pump cover, and has a probe that extends down into the sump liner. If water level in liner rises above the level where pumping normally begins, the alarm will sound.

The alarm floor model alerts if there’s a plumbing leak or water on the floor.

Your sump pump alarm prompts action to correct a sump pump malfunction. The power supply to your sump pump may have been interrupted by a tripped circuit breaker or a downed power line. Pumping can also be compromised if an intake port is blocked with sediment or a large object. Whatever the reason, your alarm improves your chances of avoiding a basement flood.

For additional flood protection, you also have the option to install the floor alarm. This alarm sits on the basement or crawl space floor, and when positioned next to a water heater, water tank or clothes washing machine, this alarm provides an instant alert if there’s a plumbing leak or overflow.

In addition to water alarms, Ohio Basement Systems offers several sump pump features that are designed to make sure your sump pump is functioning like it should, keeping your basement dry!

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The alarm is an exclusive feature of Ohio Basement Systems’ sump pump systems. Call today at (330)269-9990 to schedule a consultation and get a free estimate to install a new sump pump in your home.

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