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A close-up of cracked concrete slab

Concrete Lifting Problem Signs

Uneven or damaged concrete can be hazardous —not to mention, can ruin curb appeal. Keep an eye out for these key concrete problem signs.

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Uneven or cracked concrete can be a tripping hazard to older adults and small children—not to mention, it can steal value from your Ohio home by ruining curb appeal. By keeping an eye out for the critical concrete problem signs below, you’ll be able to assess and repair the damage before it gets worse or repairs become more expensive.  

Concrete Cracks   

For homeowners in Cleveland, cracks in your driveway or sidewalk may be the most obvious red flag that you need concrete lifting. The soil in Cleaveland tends to be heavy clay, which soaks up moisture and expands. This expansion puts pressure on the concrete slab, often causing it to crack. Concrete lifting is the best solution for Cleveland homeowners, as replacement would eventually result in the same problem since the soil type remains consistent.   

Uneven Concrete   

Although there are many reasons for uneven concrete in the Akron-Canton area, one of the main reasons is the weather. Akron’s various soil types range in their drainage properties, but the weather is consistent, with the freeze-thaw cycle occurring often. As water freezes, it expands; a void under the slab is created after it melts. The heavy slab naturally settles into this void causing uneven sidewalk and driveway slabs. This typically looks like one end of a slab is sinking and the other end is lifting.   

Concrete Edges That Don’t Match Up   

Shifting concrete is the problem when Mansfield homeowners notice concrete edges that don’t match up. Even if the concrete slabs are moving sideways, rather than up and down, it’s the movement, regardless of the direction, that is the problem. Manfield, and all of Richland County, has more than 125 soil types, which means many will fall victim to expansion and erosion. As unmatching edges are often the first sign of a concrete problem, it’s best to address the problem as soon as it is noticed.   

Sunken Concrete  

Although sunken concrete and uneven concrete sound similar, it is actually different. Sunken concrete is specifically when concrete sinks in the middle. Youngstown homeowners will notice pools of water on their driveway, sidewalk, or patio slabs after the frequent and heavy rain the area gets. In addition to pooling, you may also notice cracks since the weight of the slab is not evenly distributed.   

Foundation Concerns   

If foundation issues are a concern currently in your Steubenville home, chances are your exterior concrete structures are not far behind. The temperature swings in Steubenville that cause issues for your crawl space or basement also cause concrete problems. Since weather and soil are the underlying problems- Steubenville is at a particular disadvantage with its warm summers and freezing, snowy winters.   

Erosion from Rain and Flooding   

Rainy days are no stranger in the Akron area. This, combined with the area’s soil, means erosion can be a serious issue. Look for signs elsewhere in your yard before the problem causes havoc on your exterior slabs. Keep an eye out for soil or mud on your concrete, rainwater may be causing topsoil to wash away. Also, look for exposed roots or bare areas without soil. If erosion isn’t addressed, it can travel under the concrete slab and cause it to sink.   

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