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Cracked Concrete Patio

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Your patio should be a tranquil outdoor retreat, but neglect can turn it into an unsightly hazard. 

A cracked concrete patio poses safety risks, such as tripping hazards, and may signal other structural problems throughout your home. 

Ohio Basement Systems understands the significance of these issues and offers specialized, practical remedies. We are dedicated to rejuvenating your home’s safety and appearance through our professional services and innovative concrete lifting solutions like SettleStop™ PolyRenewal™, ensuring your patio remains a secure and inviting space for your family. 

This page will enlighten you on the causes and consequences of cracked concrete patios and how our expert solutions can restore your home and peace of mind. 

What Constitutes a Cracked Concrete Patio? 

A cracked concrete patio is a surface typically found in your backyard that has developed fractures, lines, or breaks over time, compromising its aesthetics and structural stability. 

These cracks can vary from minor surface imperfections to deep, extensive damage, posing a significant safety risk by creating potential tripping hazards. Cracked and uneven patios provide entry points for pests, weeds, and debris, and promote water retention, which accelerates deterioration. 

In addition to a cracked patio, you may also encounter similar concrete issues throughout your property, including: 

The longer these issues remain unaddressed, the more severe they become. Seek professional assistance from a local expert when you notice these problems. Ohio Basement Systems offers a comprehensive approach to diagnosing the extent and cause of the damage, ensuring effective and lasting repairs. 

What Triggers a Cracked Concrete Patio? 

Cracked concrete patios can stem from various factors: 

  • Settling Soil and Erosion: Soil shifting or erosion beneath a concrete patio leads to sinking and instability in the concrete above, resulting in cracks from the uneven settlement. Dry soil cannot adequately support the concrete. 
  • Weather Conditions: Excessive rainfall, flooding, or runoff from snowmelt can worsen soil erosion, especially on properties with expansive clay-based soil. Freeze-thaw cycles cause water in the concrete to freeze, expand, and create cracks. 
  • Tree Roots: Growing tree roots beneath or near a patio can exert pressure on the concrete, causing cracking and upward displacement. 
  • Installation Issues: Mistakes during concrete pouring or curing can introduce weaknesses, instability, and cracks. 

The same soil-related problems affecting patios can also impact a home’s foundation, making timely intervention crucial. Recognizing these root issues is essential for implementing effective repair solutions, as it’s not merely about surface-level fixes but addressing the underlying causes to prevent future damage. 

Is Repairing a Cracked Concrete Patio Possible? 

Yes, a cracked concrete patio can be repaired. Early intervention is vital, as severe damage limits viable repairs. 

However, addressing the issue goes beyond simple crack filling, mudjacking, or temporary fixes. These measures fail to address the root of the problem. 

Effective concrete repair requires professional equipment and techniques. A comprehensive, whole-home solution that tackles underlying issues is key to enduring results. 

Ohio Basement Systems offers holistic solutions, including our innovative PolyRenewal™ concrete lifting system, which rectify visible damage and address contributing factors to prevent recurrence. 

How to Repair a Cracked Concrete Patio 

Ohio Basement Systems employs advanced methods to lift and stabilize cracked concrete patios. Our process includes: 

  • Damage assessment with a free and thorough inspection 
  • Drilling small holes into the affected patio sections 
  • Placing injection ports into the holes 
  • Mixing a two-part, closed-cell polyurethane foam 
  • Injecting the foam beneath the patio 
  • Foam expansion to lift the concrete 
  • Foam curing within 15 minutes 
  • Removing the injection ports 
  • Filling and smoothing the drilled holes 
  • Sealing cracks and joints to prevent further damage 
  • Monitoring the concrete patio with annual maintenance appointments for ongoing protection 

We recognize that every home is unique. Our exclusive range of solutions, including PolyRenewal™, is customized to address your specific issues, surpassing conventional methods and products. 

Why Should You Address a Cracked Concrete Patio Now? 

Promptly repairing a cracked, sunken concrete patio is essential for several reasons: 

  • Escalating Safety Hazards: Uneven slabs and cracks create tripping hazards, and these safety issues worsen as the concrete continues to deteriorate. 
  • Further Damage: Unless the underlying soil problems are addressed, erosion and ground movement will continue to cause more damage over time. 
  • Water Risks: Cracks allow water to seep beneath the patio, accelerating erosion and posing a potential threat to the foundation. 
  • Pest Intrusion: Open cracks allow insects and weeds to thrive beneath the concrete; rodents may use them as entry points into your home. 
  • Aesthetic Decline: A cracked, uneven, and damaged patio detracts from your property’s visual appeal. 
  • Reduced Property Value: Damage and an unsightly appearance diminish your home’s value and dissuade potential buyers. 

Swiftly addressing cracked patios with professional services like ours ensures enduring solutions compared to temporary fixes. Only Ohio Basement Systems, with our cutting-edge technology and proprietary solutions, can comprehensively address your cracked concrete patio issues, surpassing generic products from big-box stores. 

Contact Ohio Basement Systems for Dependable Concrete Lifting Solutions 

Your home is your sanctuary, and you deserve a safe and inviting patio to enjoy for many years. Trust Ohio Basement Systems to restore your concrete patio’s integrity with reliable and long-lasting concrete lifting solutions. 

Homeowners throughout Northern Ohio have relied on our expertise and innovative repairs for more than 20 years, thanks to our attention to detail and unparalleled customer service. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation inspection.  


Yes, if left untreated, small patio cracks can expand and deepen, resulting in major structural issues. While not directly linked, concrete patio damage may indicate a need for foundation repair. Prompt inspection and repair are crucial. Contact Ohio Basement Systems for a free inspection if you notice cracks in your concrete patio or elsewhere in your home.

The polyurethane foam injection process typically requires a few hours. After injecting the foam beneath the concrete, it cures within 15 minutes, allowing you to use your concrete on the same day of installation. However, the overall project duration varies based on the size and extent of the concrete damage. Contact Ohio Basement Systems to schedule a free inspection with one of our experts.

Professionally repaired concrete can last for many years, providing durability and stability. Ohio Basement Systems offers lightweight yet robust PolyRenewal™ polyurethane injections, which outperform mudjacking or complete replacement. To learn more about our long-lasting concrete repair solutions, contact us to schedule a free inspection.

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