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Cracked Sidewalks

Ohio Basement Systems and The Basement Guys are now Ohio Basement Authority

Smooth and seamless concrete sidewalks are vital for your home’s safety and appearance, but cracked and uneven sidewalks can create hazards and liabilities for homeowners. Factors like shifting weather and incorrect installation can cause concrete sidewalks to deteriorate over time. 

Ohio Basement Systems recognizes the significant safety concerns and unsightly nature of fractured concrete paths. So, we’ve incorporated our advanced SettleStop™ PolyRenewal™ concrete lifting approach to fix these concrete defects, ensuring a safe and visually pleasing walkway. 

Explore this page to learn what triggers sidewalk cracks and recognize the importance of quickly addressing them using our proficient concrete lifting techniques. 

Identifying a Cracked Sidewalk 

Cracked sidewalks display noticeable breaks, usually found near homes or businesses. The depth, length, and width of these cracks can differ, potentially affecting the pathway’s stability. Beyond blemishes, these cracks can signal deeper issues and present significant tripping dangers, requiring immediate intervention. 

Other associated damages include: 

If neglected, these cracks can intensify and multiply, escalating structural issues and posing potential legal concerns. Unrepaired cracks will worsen as the slabs descend further, resulting in loose, uneven, and protruding concrete, which creates tripping hazards and reduces curb appeal. 

Underlying Causes of Sidewalk Cracks 

Several factors can induce sidewalk cracks, including: 

  • Soil Dynamics: Washout, erosion, or settling of the soil beneath the concrete play a significant role in creating cracks. When the foundational soil diminishes, it destabilizes the overlaying sidewalk. 
  • Tree Root Invasion: As tree roots grow, especially those of an invasive species, they can press against the concrete, leading to cracks. 
  • Weather Elements: Extreme climatic conditions can erode the supporting soil. The freeze-thaw cycle can expand trapped water, inducing further damage upon melting. 
  • Faulty Installation: Insufficient curing time, weak reinforcement, or an unstable base layer can introduce cracks. 

Each of these elements can also jeopardize your home’s foundation. Identifying the root cause of cracks is crucial for implementing a sustainable solution and preventing recurring issues. 

Can Sidewalk Cracks be Fixed? 

Absolutely! But choosing a holistic remedy is essential. 

Note that as cracks advance, repair options become limited, expensive, and invasive. DIY methods and traditional techniques like mudjacking usually fall short, only masking the issues and making them worse. Genuine, lasting repairs require professionals like Ohio Basement Systems. 

We provide comprehensive solutions, focusing on the root problem. Our proprietary PolyRenewal™ technique adeptly restores and stabilizes faulty concrete. 

Repairing a Cracked Sidewalk with Ohio Basement Systems 

We follow precise steps when using PolyRenewal™ to repair uneven and cracked sidewalks: 

  • Conduct a detailed evaluation to identify causes and devise ideal solutions. 
  • Drill penny-sized holes in the impacted sidewalk areas. 
  • Insert injection ports. 
  • Mix our exclusive two-part, closed-cell polymer foam. 
  • Inject the foam, which expands rapidly to fill gaps and sets within 15 minutes. 
  • Elevate the concrete slab and stabilize the underlying soil. 
  • Detach injection ports and seal the holes. 
  • Seal all cracks and joints to prevent future damage. 
  • Schedule annual maintenance checks to ensure lasting durability. 

Our tailored polyurethane foam swiftly and accurately lifts sidewalks, offering a superior remedy over other techniques. 

Why Address Cracked Sidewalks Now 

Immediate repair is crucial to: 

  • Prevent Mishaps from Uneven Surfaces: Leaving elevated areas is a safety hazard, as someone may trip and fall. 
  • Avoid Potential Legal Issues: Liability problems may arise due to cracked, hazardous sidewalks. 
  • Ensure Long-Term Cost-Effectiveness: If the problems creating the cracks are not resolved, they may worsen and require costly repairs, such as replacing the entire sidewalk. Early, skilled repairs prevent more expensive future harm. 
  • Retain Property Value by Enhancing Curb Appeal: Broken sidewalks can reduce curb appeal and make it challenging to sell your house. Buyers prefer paths that are free of issues. 

When it comes to your home and family’s safety, don’t take a chance on quick fixes. Opt for Ohio Basement Systems for superior, proprietary solutions that exceed other alternatives. 

Rely on Ohio Basement Systems for Trusted Concrete Lifting Solutions 

Don’t overlook damaged sidewalks and the dangers they present. Entrust Ohio Basement Systems to eliminate the hazards and unsightly nature of your broken sidewalks.  

With more than 20 years of expertise in serving Northern Ohio, we are the preferred choice for concrete repairs. Schedule a free, no-obligation inspection today and let us restore your property’s safety. 


Yes, seemingly minor defects can escalate, hinting at deeper structural issues. For example, cracks can grow larger, spread throughout the concrete, destabilize the foundation slab, and lead to unevenness and settling. Accurately identifying the cause and applying the best solution is important to prevent further structural damage. For a lasting solution, avoid makeshift repairs and contact Ohio Basement Systems.

Definitely. PolyRenewal™ is green and environmentally conscious. It doesn’t leach into the soil and remains sturdy under the concrete, ensuring the safety of the surrounding ecosystem. Trust Ohio Basement Systems’ PolyRenewal™ foam to elevate your concrete efficiently and safely. Contact us to learn more and schedule a free inspection.

Costs vary based on the level of damage, the project’s size, and the chosen solutions. At Ohio Basement Systems, we provide transparent pricing, no-obligation estimates, and financing options to suit different needs. Contact us for a free inspection and accurate price breakdown.

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